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My dad and mesothelioma

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Hello everyone and I am sorry for anyone who has to come here seeking information about mesothelioma. My dad was diagnosed August 8, 2008 with Epithelioid Malignant Mesothelioma. We're currently traveling To MD Anderson in Houston to consult and work with Dr David Rice. When he originally went to the doctor it was shortness of breathe and after a chest x-ray was sent straight to the emergency room. He was then admitted, had multiple tests and had 4 liters of fluid drained from his left plural area. Since coming home, it seems his energy level continues to drop, developed a constant cough, pain has gotten worse, and has developed what they're saying is cellulitous. We're leaving for Houston again tomorrow for a biopsy because his lymph nods in the chest and abdomen area are enlarged in his last CT Scan. They will decide at this point if he is a surgical candidate and stage the cancer. I was curious of others stories and how close they've matched my dads and what the outcome was AND if anyone has tried any type of alternative treatments that may not be "main stream". Thank you in advance? You can email me at rdcgrp@verizon.net.... Tony

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Hello awfisher3
sorry to hear about your dad. My dad also has cancer(different type)
I will suggest since no one else has responded to your post on this side, that you might want to post it on cancer of the lungs perhaps? I think it would probably get read more than here. I guess there is more traffic there. Did your dad used to work on construction? Just from previous readings, I know that if a person was exposed to asbestos, you can bring particles in your clothes to your house too. So it will be a good idea if perhaps whoever used to do your father's laundry to get checked out too. Just a thought. Blessings to your father and your family.

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