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any ideas for nice looking headcovers, caps or hats?

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My sister started chemo for AML 2 weeks ago, and she started losing her hair couple days ago. She lives in a different country,where it's very difficult to find nice looking and comfortable head covers that aren't too old-looking or surgical green.
She doesn't want to wear a wig, and she hates the green puffy hats that are available there. Since I live in the US, she asked me to buy several caps and covers and mail them to her from the US. So far, we picked several nice caps from 2 or three different websites, but most of the caps and scarves we found were made for older patients or for very little kids. She actually liked the designs for little kids, but the caps are probably going to be too small for her.
Does anybody know of any other websites or stores where I can find interesting looking caps and hats, or comfortable scarves?
She's 20, and I would describe her usual style as sporty/spunky with a bit of punk mixed in.

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I didnt like any of the hats, I went to the local craft store and got hankerchiefs.

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When I was in treatment someone told me about heavenlyhats.com . If you go to their site and fill out a request they will send several hats (i got 4) free of charge and they are new and very nice and age appropreate of course. Wishing your sister well.


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Has she tried winter-type hats? I have a white knit cap that I really like to wear when it's cold, but I also just think it looks cool. If it's cold where she lives, this could work pretty well for blending in.

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i like to wear fedoras

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Hi BigSister!

I have been buying mine at Newbury Comics (a CD chain store ~ they have a VERY cool selection) and Icing (an accessories chain ~ not as cool, but some cute ones) I also bought some cool pins and buttons so that I can change my hat by changing the buttons. That keeps things interesting. The most comfortable hats I found have a covered elastic gather in the back, as opposed to being adjustable.

Also, the American Cancer Society has a catalog (TLC) and in that catalog they sell hat liners. SOOOOOO worth it!!! They keep the hats from form fitting to your head and help absorb sweat so you can wash the liner, not the hat (so they don't get all stinky).

I don't know your sister's taste, but you could also try Hot Topic, Pacific Sun, and those chain stores as well. They didn't have anything for my taste, but they may have something for your sister.

Happy hat hunting!!!!

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While under going chemo at the age of 21, my daughter also had a difficult time finding head coverings that she found comfortable and stylish for her age group. After weeks of searching, we ended up at the local Harley Davidson store where she was able to find caps and tie back scarves that were geared toward her age group.

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Hi BigSister, I have a few resources to help your sister. I’m a cancer survivor and started a blog, www.cincovidas.com to help other survivors, fighters and caregivers deal with the side effects of cancer treatment. I did a post on finding fashionable scarves while dealing with hair loss http://blog.cincovidas.com/the-beauty-in-scarves-getting-your-hair-loss-under-wraps that may assist you in your search. Also, check out http://www.haircoverings.com. They have a variety of fashionable and age-apropriate options for your sister and they ship anywhere in the world. I hope this helps. Love, strength and survival, Britta

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My girlfriend and I went to a couple flea markets and got every color of bandanda....they are cotton they are hip and they are cheap! I found a solid half black half white one to go with more. Hope this helps someone!

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they aren't necessarily marketed towards the cancer patient set, but take a look at a Buff. They're marketed more towards the athletic types, but they have a lot of fun patterns. They can be worn a variety of ways, so maybe one of the 'styles' would work for your sister.


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