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How does an abnormal pap test relate to previous ovarian cancer?

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I received a call from the nurse at my doctor's office late this afternoon. I waited 16 days for the results and finally called this morning since I didn't get a postcard in the mail. There were some abnormal cells on my cervical cuff (cervix removed during surgery Jan. 2007) but she says it doesn't mean cancer. I think she called it ASC. I looked it up on the net but I can't find anything relating to ovarian cancer recurring. She said I will get retested during my next checkup in three months. It showed some irritation. Does someone out there have any experience with this? Does this mean the cancer might be spreading to my non-cervix?

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I will be interested to hear what you find out exactly. I've not heard of this nor experienced yet. Because I wouldn't be able to stand not knowing what they were talking about for 3 months.

I am sorry you've got this kind of news - especially without much explanation.

Hang in there!

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I've been on a rampage looking up abnormal pap tests but have found nothing relating to ovarian cancer. But I haven't given up. There's got to be something out there. It's probably nothing, just some irritation from the surgery. Afterall, the cervix was removed and the doctor had to stitch it up. From what I read they create a "cuff." Maybe it caused so much irritation that the cells there are now showing up abnormal. It's been over 21 months since the surgery. That's all I can think of unless there is an infection. My ca-125 was 7.8 which is fine. The nurse did point that out on the phone.

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call the dr's office and request and appointment to discus your pap results and find out what they are talking about and keep asking til they tell you an exceptable awnser .

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I think gerimay has some excellent advice. I would definitely make a follow-up appt with your Dr. and discuss your fears. It would be awful to spend 3 months with the fear that these results are somehow indicative of a reoccurance.


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I also agree with Gerimay - get an appointment and have the doctor explain EXACTLY what those test results mean. I thought 16 days waiting was already beyond awful. There is no way you should have to wait 3 months past that. I think that the lack of concern displayed by the medical personnel is an indication that there is little to be concerned about, but they don't seem to understand our intense need to know Something.
Good luck and I hope you get some explanation that makes sense to you.

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It's been several days since the test results and I have developed a different perspective. Afterall, it's not cancer cells they found, just abnormal cells. When my cervix was removed, a cuff was created. Apparently that has caused irritation, enough to cause some cells in the area to become abnormal. That explains the spotting I've had continuously. I thought it was from my urinary tract since the chemo caused irritation. I thought the slight amount of blood nearly every day was from there. Now at least I know it's very likely from the vaginal cuff (where the cervix was.) I have a very good doctor, a gynelogical oncologist. So I'm sure that if he felt further tests were needed, I would get them. He apparently thinks the re-test in 3 months is all that is necessary. Some issues are never resolved. I had a bowell obstruction in Dec. 2007 and I never found out what caused it. It may be the same for these abnormal cells. One's body is never going to be the same as it was. Issues are very likely going to come up from time to time after being cancer-free for a long period of time.

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