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Grade 3, an anaplastic astrocytoma

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My nephew-in-law was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma, Grade 3, last December. He had surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, recovery, rehab (very little was required) and 6 weeks of radiation

He's recovered great, is back at work and driving.

I'm hoping to find someone who has beaten the doctor's timeline diagnosis of 3-5 years. My nephew-in-law is 30 years old and has a wife (my niece) and three-year-old son.

Their very strong Christian faith, great doctors and wonderful family and church family have gotten them through the last 11 months.

Please respond if you are willing to talk about your experiences.

Thank you.

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definitely go with the chemo, for a lot of people it does slow tumor growth and relieve symptoms.  Also ask about Avastin, a medication that stops the tumor from creating its own blood supply and in up to 40% of cases stops or minimizes growth.  There is always hope; I have friends with GBM who have passed their 'prognosis' date by 3 years.

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Hi Janet, I was diagnosed in 1994, at that time I was given 3 to 5yrs, its twenty years now, check out myprofile for more of my experience.

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Just want to give some positive feedback. My husband was diagnosed 10 years ago with anaplastic astrocytoma. He had surgery, radiation and chemo for 6 weeks and continued the chemo for 3 years.

When it was discovered that David had a tumor the neurosurgeon told him he had 3 things going for him; good health, young age (he was 47), and a positive attitude, (we added faith to the list).

He is alive and well thanks to his surgeon, nurse practioners, doctors, family and friends, and all the prayers he received.

Good luck to you, your nephew-in-law, his family and friends.

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I've found myself here like many of you have. MRI on March 12th straight to crainiotomy on March 13, 2017 for a  total gross removal of a 7cm tumor on my right frontal lobe. Pathology came back mostly grade II at first, but the center contained grade III A.A. and turned our world upside down. I will admit I have laid in bed at night and read (and reread) all of these individual stories that I am so invested in. Unfortunately, many of these stories just begin and I don't know what has happened to those that were fortunate to post in the first place. Do you feel the desire to live life more and stay away from the forum? Has your health gotten worse and have you moved to other forums? Has your health gotten better? I would love to know everyone's updates - this whole board has had an amazing and positive effect on my thinking and planning as I begin this journey. I look forward to hearing from everyone, should you have the chance. My name is Blake, 33 year old male, from Illinois.

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Hi blake! 

I spot check here every so often... I did not have an AA myself.. my mother did.  She was diagnosed at 32 and given 2 years to live.  I'm happy to report she's still kicking and cancer free (she turns 53 in September).  she's a bit more adventurous now.. she went zip lining the other year and goes on vacation every 2-3 months (not kidding...). Her grand child count is up to 7... and she's anxious for more.  There's no sign of of her AA and you'd honestly never know unless you asked.  she's still sharp (she does puzzles and brain challenges a lot) and just as happy as ever. 


Theres hope. <3


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Don't know if you will see this message 4 years later, but yes in our case, we have been doing well, living our lives. My sister anaplastic astrocytoma survivor since 2011. 

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Looking for a current trial was told I have gone through all options current dr. will not try any thing else so basically I sit here andwait for cancer to take over body

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I had a anaplastic astrocytoma 10 years ago. In November it will be 11 years since my surgery. God is good and he still heals. I have side affects from the surgery, but I am studying to be an esthetician and will have my liscense in October. No one thought I would be here to raise my children, but I am....all five of them. :)


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Hello mam , its great to hear about you , how is you doing now? and what side Affects you had after surgery?

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hello all,


   Thank you all for sharing your stories,   I have been. Encouraged by many of them.   I'd like to tell you some of my story and as a few questions.  First,  I am a 36 year old male.   In  "Good"  Health.     It all started simply enough with a couple of headaches that I would describe as severe.   This was late may. Of 2017.i saw my primar care physicia.  Who suggested excedrin migraine.  It worked well so I considered the case closed.   Several weeks later I was going out with my wife when I had many symptoms hit at once.  Tingling in fingers,   Light headed ness and difficulty.  Walking,  I slurred a few words and was clammy as well,  a trip  to the ER later. Cleared me of a stroke but a CT scan revealed a "brain mass" and a referral to a larger hospital for an MRI.   An all nighter later got me an MRI and  a cconsult with a neurosurgeon.  Who explained a biopsy was required to identity the mass.  I declined but got a referral to a well known. Dr. Mike Sughrue in OKC,Ok.  He gave me the.  Generic. Diagnosis of a "glioma". He recommended an awake craniotom.  Ehicj would remove and biopsy at the same time. I agreed and that was approx 4 weeks ago.  Since then they.  Told me it is an autoplastic Astrocytoma grade 3.    They recommend the. Traditional chemo and radiation which dose 't excite me at all.   


Does aNyone regret.  Taking the chemo and.  Radiation?    Hindsight being 20/20. Would you do the same again?

what side effects have you are fferedfrom chemo/radiation?

has anyone had good results with alternative treatments?

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I am checking to see how you are doing, if you don't mind...and I hope that you are doing well.  I am trying to find out how it has been for other brain cancer patients.  Did you receive the answers to the questions you asked?  I am curious.

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I was diagnosed in August, 1996.  I was fresh out of graduate school, 24 years old.  I ended up entrusting Duke with my treatments, which, except for external beam radiation, were clinical trials.  in 2004, my doctors told me that they felt that my cancer was gone and would not return.  It has not, and I have 2 natural-born children! 

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I also have had a baby after an aa3! I was diagnosed one week after my first child was born in 2013. I did lose a baby to preterm labor in 2018, but that had nothing to do with the cancer. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past April 5 years and 7 months from my aa3 diagnosis. My first born that I had before my cancer diagnosis and my newborn are both happy and healthy!

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Wonderful news!!! ❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing. 


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