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Enlarged prostate

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My dads prostate is enlarged. He has very difficult to control his urine movement and frequecy is quite often- more than normal.

Prostate is enlarged and measures 5.5 x3.7 x 4.2 cms (volume 46cc). There is evidence of hupertrophy of central zone,identing and displacing the bladder base. Prostatic calcifications are noted. No focal lesion is seen. Capsule is intact and
seinal vesicles appear normal. No pelvic free fliud is seen.

Is there any alternative besides surgery. There are drugs out there for enlarged prostate. Any side effects or success with those drugs?

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Did you get a PSA test done?


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Yes. His PSA is 0.511 ng/ml ( reference range 0-4). Please give us your input on this. Your feedback will be appreciated.

With best regards.

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There is a condition called BPH ( don't remember the words) but it is treatable with meds. I'd guess the next step should be ultrasound and biopsy to determine what's in there. If it's contained, surgery could be robotic which isn't bad, not as bad as the laproscopic gall bladder I had 15 yrs ago.
Don't wait, get him going on the next steps. I qualify this by asking his age. If he's 75 or 80 he may want to just wait it out but the doc. will help with that. jj

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He is 70 yrs old. Thank you for your feedback. I wish you well.

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There are a lot more treatments now than in the past. I for one am looking into HDR
brachytherapy at Hershey Medical Center. I am working closely with my Urology Physician, and will also be with the Radiation Oncologist. I may sound calm to you....trust me I am NOT ! It's one day at a time.
I wish you and your Dad the best,
William JOhn

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