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3-y-o son with Ewing's

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Hi everyone,
My son is 3 years and he was diagnosed with Ewing's of the humerus. He is undergoing induction chemotherapy now, and the question is surgery or radiation? If he will undergo surgery it will be either amputation, or major surgery with complete loss of the upper limb function. Is anyone have any experience of treatment options at this age and stories?

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You didn't say where you went to get treatment. I had to get a second opinion because I didn't want my daughter to have her arm amputated and I thank God everyday for doing so. It has been a long time, but she has full function in her arm. She has lost about 5 degrees of motion that should return after she is in physical therapy.

She had Osteosarcoma in her Left radius and a metastatic tumor in her left lung that was removed and turned out to be benign. She has many rounds of chemo at the City of Hope and no radiation.

If you go to a comprehensive cancer treatment center, you will have access to chemo therapies that may not be available elsewhere because of the studies that they are conducting. Also, the doctors (oncologists, plastic and reconstructive and orthopedic surgeons) work together to develop stategies to treat your children. The unity takes a lot of stress off of you so that you can spend more time with your child.

All of the doctors we have encountered at the City of Hope have been excellent! If you want to chat more about it, you can email me at gini.619@cox.net

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My daughter Kylie was just diagnosed 11/6/08 with Ewings in her right femur. We just completed first round of chemo. Will look at what to do with bone in Jan after four rounds of chemo. Being treated in Atlanta at Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital by Dr. Tom Olson. My daughter is only 4 years old.

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