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ablation for Pancreatic Cancer Spread to Lungs

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I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 12/04, now almost 4 years later, I have nodules growing in my lungs and a biopsy shows the Pancreatic Cancer has spread. I really feel fortunate since I did not undergo any chemotherapy, radiation or any other treatment for my Pancreatic Cancer and I was perfectly fine up until now. I am looking into having an ABLATION done to get rid of the lung nodules and I wondered if anyone else has had this done and how effective is it? My last CA19-9 was 415 which is way up from 29 in January 2008. If someone wants to write me here out of curiosity, I can send them my September, 2008 test results for my PET Scan, CT Scan and Bone Scan. I want to help too. Thanks.

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Hello!! I was wondering if you had the ablation done on your lungs? I have angiosarcoma of the liveer and have had 3 seperate ablations done on my liver... My Dr. told me that they were going to start doing it on the lungs, and other soft tissue cancers.. It worked great for me!! I hope you choose to have the ablation done, and are doing great.... Sorry it took so long for me to find your comment on the board, but I don't always have access to a computer... Please let me know how you are doing... In Gods Love...Barbara


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