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24 year old females diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia...

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Hi, I'm new here... I have just been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia... I am terrified, and very confused. I am just hoping for some support.... and to hear some success stories from people who have fought this battle before...


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I found out I was diagnosed with Leaukekmia when I was 2 years old. I had abone marrow trans plant at the age of five. I have been free of Leukemia ever scince. Keep your chin up and make sure you ask your Dr. tons of questions.

If you have any questions please ask

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Hi Ryan. I was diagnosed two years ago with CML. So far so good. I am woman who is 50 years old. I am sure you are on the Gleevec as I am. Its ok. Lots of side effects. but I manage to live my life almost the same as before CML. I am scared alot of times.. But then I read more about survival rates and how new things are coming along all the time. I have a wonderful doctor who is very positive and tells me I am going to live a long time. So I keep that thought. Feel free to email me if you would like to talk. I would love to hear from you and chat about your trials and tribulations and what works for you and I can share what has helped me along the way.. Cpasko45@aol.com

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Hi I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with cml. I started Gleevec this past Sunday and got sick right away. Havent been able to work all week. Dr called some stuff in for me for nausea and it seems to help. But my legs and joint hurt so bad especially at night. Any suggestions for that> I am also 50 years old. Apparently my wbc has been elevated for years but family dr never said anything, I just happened to switch to a female dr in same practice and she noticed it. She sent me to the oncologist and he ran blood tests and I walked into his office alone not expecting the outcome I got. I dont even remember driving home that day. I think I cried the entire first week but getting alittle better on that. I still have my moments. I sure hope and pray my insurence continues to pay for the Gleevec. I cant afford almost $4000 a month for it. I would love to hear from you also. My email is dallen145@yahoo.com

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Hi there. My 48 yr. old brother just got the news of his CML. He is staring Gleevec today. We are searching for any kind of positive news about CML and Gleevec and I thought I would touch base with you.

Your doctor says you are going to live a long time. That is wonderful. My brother's doctor wasn't as enthusiastic as that. He actually made my brother very depressed. I'm looking for any uplifting news that anybody can share.

my email is janicecopsey@shaw.ca I would love to hear from you.

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I am 73 years old. I was diagnosed with CML in 1997. In Jan 2000 I was terminal and in the Hospice program. I went on Gleevec March of 2000. Within two weeks my white blood count was normal. I still have the Philadelphis Chromosome but it is under control. I live a very normal life except for some side effects that I can manage. Take it with a meal and plenty of water. I get cramps and find that walking them off and using ice works the best for this. My Dr. and I have also worked out a dosage that makes them more controlable. You are also young enough for a bone marrow transplant (I was too old for this) so Gleevec may only be for you until you can get the transplant. Even though I had a great doctor when I was first diagnosed and have a good one now I found that doing my own research online and in hospital medical libraries was really helpful so that I could ask the right questions. I also took a tape recorder to my visits to the doctor and the first few visits for my clinical trial and I found this very helpful since I was under stress during the visit and it was good to listen later and hear what was really said.
Best of luck to you.

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I am trying to find out what was it that made you get tested to be diagnosed?

I have had 3 blood test done and have spoken over the phone with a doctor that seems to be as concerned as I am. I have all the symptoms of leukemia and my blood test results have been adnormal in sorts it shows it might be leukemia.

I am 32 weeks pregnant now at 24 years old and have had the symptoms for over 2 years but have never really consider it. Can anyone tell me what was your first indication?

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Hi Shelby, 

I saw your post was within the last month and wasn't sure if you'd gotten any answers?  How are you? 

 I will share my experience with PH+ CML.  I am an aged 32 female, dx at age 29.  I knew something serious was wrong for months, but at the time did not have insurance, was struggling financially, and in the midst of a big life transition.  Stubborn ole me refused to seek any medical advice until my insurance waiting period was up. 

I felt extreme fatigue; like nothing I ever experienced before.  I had killer heartburn all the time, and my belly felt full even when I hadn't eaten at all.  My upper abdomen was kind of hard to the touch.  My legs and feet were severely swollen.  I found myself often short of breath.  It progressively got worse, where I was barely getting through a night of work (nursing).  I would get in my car and immediately vomit after every shift. 

My situation rapidly improved and was fine with just oral chemo (Sprycel), but a few months ago due to mutations, the treatment is no longer effective and have since had to seek alternative, more aggressive treatment.  


I hope you and your baby are well.  If you have any questions or wish to talk, please don't hesitate.  

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Hello.. No diognosis of CML however I have a lot going on. Not sure if there are any similarities but I just went over some lab results from November 2017 and it shows my Metamyelocytes at 2% and my MYELOCYTES at 1% if you Google either of these CML is the first thing to pop up. My Dr never mentioned anything about this. Should I be concerned? 

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Hi all, I am a 25 year old female, diagnosed with cml about 4 months ago. I know this thread is old, but I've had a hard time finding anyone else who was diagnosed around my age. Is anyone else having issues with Gleevec and food? How about random drops in vital elements such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, etc. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks! 

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