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Pancreas Carcinoma With Liver Metastasis

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My aunty is having pancreas cancer and now spreading to metastasis (stage IV). The doctor is saying there is nothing he can do on her. We are still considering alternative treatment i.e Bruess Fasting/Bruess Cancer Treatment. She is 62 and now very weak, lost > 15 lbs since she is diagnosed of cancer in July. We would like to ask if anyone has known of any survivor who has tried Bruess Fast for similar pancreas or liver cancer can share us the story. As my anuty is so weak now and no other medication can help, can she try this Bruess Fast ? Otherwise, she is just waiting for the time.... Please help. Thank you so much. ML

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my dad has pancreatic cancer with met to liver, he just started gemzar. has your aunt had any chemo?

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How does the fast work? do she have to drink something.

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