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Urologist droppin me after chosing another surgeon

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I am 41 and have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
Luckily, it apparently has been caught early, as the grade, PSA and size seems to be small.
Doc's indicate that I have a great chance of oncological, continency and potency outcomes with the help of a davinci robotic prostatectomy.
Originally scheduled with my local doc here in CT, I sought the second advice of Dr. Ash Tewari at Cornell Medical School/ Presbyterian Hospital in NYC.
He is on the forefront of nerve sparing techniques utilizing the davinci robot and has pioneered an athermal technique that offers less abuse of the nerves surrounding the prostate and subsequentally provides better chance of outcomes.
i chose to have him perform my surgery. You know that feeling when your in the right hands, and knowing I only get one shot at this, it was a 'no brainer'.
I am very excited to have him perform my surgery now scheduled in Nov, however upon delivering this news to my current doctor, and requesting my pathology slides and info be sent to Dr. Tewari, my current Doc., who has been very supportive thus far, will not return my phone calls!
That and his secretary tells me that policy says that I can not return for bi-annual follow-ups if I chose another surgeon! I am stunned by this.
A bi-annual follow-up consists of PSA testing and the infamous DRE.
Something I find difficult to travel for such a simple check.
I plan to seek another practice to support my on-going care locally, but has anyone heard of this type of policy? I find it very insensitive and unethical.
Good luck to everyone experiencing what I am.
These things happen for a reason, stay positive.

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Many are good, many are not. If you are in the Northeast I would suggest trying to contact Dr. Patrick Walsh at Johns Hopkins. He apparently is the preeminant prostate doctor in the county if not the entire world. You should read his book "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer''first printed 2001, don't know if later version is available. Pca is beatable if enough treatment can be done early enough. Time is essential. Don't let docs with egos fool around, go to the best first. I waiting far too long and am terminal, so much for me. But try for the best, quickly.

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Whubbs: I never heard of such a thing. I am on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition and to think a doctor acting that way is unexcuseable. I have a friend who got his surgery in Atlanta and has a doctor in New Mexico taking care of checkups.
I would check for another doctor in your neighborhood that will help with your check ups. I think your choice of surgeon (Dr. Tewari) is great. He is one of the best for robotics. Again, just find another doctor in your neighborhood. Good Luck.

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If that's his attitude you should change anyway. I use my GP for the psa. No need for the digital exam anymore there's nothing there unless it's simply the thrill factor. Unless your psa goes up,you probably don't need a urologist anyway.
Do your kegle's and be prepared for a catheter for 10 days. Cool part is you can now go to a movie without going to the bathroom in the middle of it. You'll need pads after surgery, my 14 yr old granddaughter took me to the store and showed me which ones.

I'm still ED but otherwise can do any and everything I ever did.

Post back and let us know how it all goes. jj

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After talking with my GP, he agrees no need for the Urologist unless I experience ED or PSA presence, or as you said for a thrill factor digital exam.... LOL.

But yes, regarding an earlier comment, this certainly helped me shed some light on my Urologists priorities and made me so much more comfortable with the decision.

Dr. Tewari is a spectacular doctor, one of the warmest and nicest doctors I've talked to.
His credentials are incomparable.

I'll post up while I'm recovering from my surgery (I'll have some free time I suppose).
Thanks for the support

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish I had seen that side of my Doctor before the surgery. My wife described it best....He is a surgeon; when he is through cutting he has lost interest. From December 2007 till July 2007 I couldn't get any answers or treatments other than from a clerk or a very busy nurse. When I asked for my records to go to another doctor in Dallas, TX it was Seven weeks before my attorney had to call to get the documents.History had re-written itself as I was described as a PSYCH patient level 5, which was an obvious attempt to fore stall a lawsuit. I didn't want to sue, I wanted things to work.

Since finding a very qualified Doctor ( Mayo Trained ) I have had a surgery to repair the hernia I walked out of the hospital with in December 2007. I have had a Sling procedure surgery to solve the incontinence and raise the bladder to a better height. ( December 2008). I will have to have two more surgeries to finishing correcting the original surgery.

After 13 months I will probably remain impotent; no erections or orgasms. I am so glad I have a good Doctor to rely on now.
2009 is much brighter and positive.

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trebb96, sounds like you may be on the right track now. Good Luck. Did the sling surgery correct the incontinence? tpelle

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