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I was healthy and felt good but I got Prostate Cancer

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I was healthy and felt good but I got Prostate Cancer

After my wife got cancer about 6 years ago, I was told by my Urologist that I have prostate cancer. He gave me numerous literature to investigate and understand the options and risks. My friends got me some prostate cancer survivors and they all gave distressing news as the possible outcomes from radical surgery.

My recommendations are:
Read about the type, treatment and possible outcome

Make a list of questions to ask the doctor. The most impotent question is “How many operations have you performed.” This type of surgery requires delicate and experienced doctors. Mistakes can result in dippers, nerve damage, or not removing all cancer cells.

I also recommend to use the internet, especially medical website like www.letsbeatcancer.org

Most important find the most experience and knowledgeable to cure your cancer.

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What you mentioned is correct. You need to know what procedure is right for you. If you are young (around 65 or less)and in good physical condition, go with robotics. Robotic's is now the gold standard. Make sure your doctor has at least 400 procedures under his belt. If you insurance allows you, check into Dr. Tewari at Carnell Univeristy Hospital. You can Google Dr. Tewari and get his background. You will be in good hands. Good luck.

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I had the surgery in 2006 after a 12 core biopsy. Gleason 3+3 T2 rating. There are many good surgeons around Tewari amongst the best.
I am still ED but have little problem with incontinence, usually when I lift or drink too much wine. Note I'm on the green side of the grass.
Just buy pads, women's pads are ok, they sell men's but I find them bulky and expensive as they're supposed to be different. Note tampons won't work!!!
This is really a treatable disease don't wait too long. The surgery was easier than my gall bladder laproscopy 15 yrs ago. You'll wear a catheter for about 10 days. Do your kegle exercises as that's all you have to work with after the surgery.
I do all activities I ever did (except one) before the surgery, golf, fishing walking etc.
Good luck post what happens so we know. jj

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