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got a good colonoascopy today

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I had my annual colonoscopy today.
It was a year ago I was diagnosed with stage II rectal cancer and had a local excision done to remove a big polyp that was too big to be removed during a colonoscopy I had last year.
The surgeon who did the excision wanted to go back and remove my entire rectum and sphincter, she said that was my best chance for a cure.
I also met with an oncologist who told me that there was no need for radiation or chemo. the oncologist told me that I had two choices. One was to have surgery and the other was to wait and monitor to see if the cancer would come back after the excision. I chose the wait and see along with modifying my diet, taking herbs, and an exercise regime.
I had a flex sigmoidoscopy 4 months after the excision and it was clean.
The scope I had today came out clean. I don't have to go back until next year for the next coloscopy.
I don't know if the excision removed all of the cancer or if it is the diet and exercise but either way I fel very lucky that a year later I am ned.
thanks to all that answered the questions I had when i started this journey.

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Awesome news! Praying for your continued health!

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Fantastic! That's wonderful news.


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Thanks for sharing your great news! NED is a great companion!



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