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Issels Hospital in Tihuana Mexico

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Have anybody used the Issels Hospital in Tihuana Mexico?

Please advise if you have used their vaccines and how long ago, because there are so many different messages about them - I would like to hear from somebody who was there a few years ago. Are Issels specialists "real" doctors or just nutritionists?

How many hours a day are patients in the "real" treatment, not just talking and walking?


Thank you!

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I went to Tihuana Mexico in March of 2014 with a stage 4 Breast cancer. I was very impressed with the hospital, the staff, and most of all my treatment results. I received the vaccines during my one week stay. Before I left the hospital my immune system started working at a 66 % it was 20% when I entered the hospital a week earlier. Also, two months after my treatment in Mexico my tumors in the lung and liver were gone. I recommend the issels, because I think immune thereaphy works. I would do it again if I had to.

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Looks like Al asked that question back in 2008 so perhaps it may not do him a lot of goodl now.   Very sorry to hear that you are in Stage 4 BC.  We would like to hear your story if you want to share it survivor.   Most of us here know what Stage 4 means.   I personally would not do alternative treatment I don't think....however I'm only Stage 3-A and might change my tune if any Mets show up in my next PET Scan.   Did you do the Mexico thing IN ADDITION to your treatment with an Oncologist?


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Sorry, I don't visit this site a lot. Yes, I did go to Mexico for the vacinations as well. I can only recommend it. I would do it again if I had to.

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Apparently, the doctors have bogus mail-order credentials and their therapies are dubious and possibly lethal.  See more:  http://www.quackwatch.com/search/webglimpse.cgi?ID=1&query=biologics

PS It is interesting how posters with testimonials join the message board the same day that an inquiry pops up about the snake oil...lol.

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Christmas Girl
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I've also noticed that self-serving pattern. :-)

Kind regards, Susan

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