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Hello I am new at this not sure how to say any thing. Any one out there had what they call Necrosis My husband had a brain tumor Glioblastoma the fast growing one last year they took out all but 10% of it he has had 30 treatments of Radiation and 6 months of chemo the(pill) he has a MRI done every 3 months and all has been fine up till last month when he had a MRI the doctor called us in to talk about it he told us there was a new spot that showed up in another spot in his brain that did not look good we went to see his brain doctor and he said that it may just be Necrosis from the Radiation or it is cancer they can not operate it is in a bad place they are going to do a biopsy to find out what it is befor they treat it my husband about 3 weeks ago was fine with his speach he has short term memory loss that will not be the same but his speach is going down hill his eyes are going can't seam to see as good his balanch is not good depressed alot things are just going down hill for him any one out there gone through this or a family member husband just wants to give up life i don't now what to say or do for him it hurts me to see him go throuhg this as he was a man that worked all the time now he can't do any thing he is thinking of not having the biopsy he needs this done to find out what is growing in his head so he can get the right treatment


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    I have not had necrosis, but
    I have not had necrosis, but it is possible for anyone who has had surgery. Basically it is scar tissue resulting from a past surgery. You may want to check out the National Brain Tumor Foundation website also. They have a whole section on GBM.
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    necrosis is scar tissue and
    necrosis is scar tissue and not cancer. get help for his speech with a therapist as well as physical therapy and a cane to help with his balance. the sooner you get this help the better. i know that you are fearful as well as you husband, all i can say is that you must keep on being positive. after as many years as i have dealt with this as well as his parkinsons i have realized that i have become very creative. you will find new ways of helping him do the things he use to do. the kindle 2 has allowed my husband to read again. he has double vision as a result of his cancer/necrosis and with the text speech on the kindle 2 he can enjoy reading again, go to to get it. also, my husbands background was in engineering and construction and luck would have it that our daughter in law got him hooked on sudoku. i have a copier and am able to enlarge sudoku from books and newspapers for his enjoyment. you cannot give up or he will. my husband is a fighter and i have found out that i am also. this is a learning experience for your whole family. albeit a painful experience some positive things will come. we have grown children who have blessed us with 5 grandchildren that my husband has been able to meet, our children have told him that he has become a better man as a result of this. i will say that could we go back to the days before cancer, yes i would but that can't be and so i take each day and am glad we have him in our life, we have all become better people for it. after a time you will not fear the unknown but just accept it and make the most of it.