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Pulmonology visit

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Two years post-lung cancer surgery, I finally made it to the pulmonologist's office. The reason was to figure out why I still have a cough even though the CAT scans and the Xray look stable for cancer. What isn't so stable is that the August Xray indicated possible COPD. My grandmother also had COPD and neither one of us smoked or were around the stuff. I hoped for a genetic test to see if that was a concern since some of my reading on the net suggested that it may be that. I was worried before that the doctor would say no. He never blinked and insisted that I have that test right away.Now I'm somewhat uneasy that he said yes! In fact, he looked at March CAT scan on his desk computer and agreed that the xray that indicated possible COPD and emphysema was right on the mark. He put me on Advair twice a day to reduce the lung inflamation and plans a pulmonary test later next month as well as the genetic test. Is COPD common with just a lung cancer diagnosis? Or am I about to add another major incurable disease(emphysema)to the breast cancer and lung cancer diagnoses I already have? I'm not depressed about it. It is what it is and I know that there are benefits to knowing stuff, even the stuff. But learning about another major illness is a bit overwhelming! Thanks for letting me vent.

C. Abbott

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I wish I had some answers, Cabbott, but I do not. Please know that you are in my thoughts, and I wish you the very best with this issue.

I have a feeling, a strong feeling, based on what I know of your attitude and activities, that you have a long and productive life still to lead and that this is 'just' another hurdle.

Take care, my friend,


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I think we all have a little CODP just from breatin this air . They have me takin advair an some other thing he said it was for maintanance.
Besides you can't get sick who is goin to keep us posted on whats going on .
Hope things turn out good

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Thanks for cheering me up and on! The results on what's causing this don't come for at least a week, and that's only if the first test comes up positive. If it doesn't, I'm going to learn a lot more about pulmonology. Learning new stuff and meeting new people is one bright side of a new diagnosis. Mind you, I would rather learn more about horseback riding or making crepes, or going skiing, or collecting fossils, or bird watching, or touring a foreign country . . . . but it is what it is and I'll do what I can with it!

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