OOPS! They forgot to give me test results from a year ago!

Hi,I just joined this site today. I'm scared and angry and don't know where to turn.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my regular yearly check up and found out I had an abnormal PAP a year ago. A YEAR AGO! They never told me. They tried to tell me they called me on the phone and told me. Then set up an appointment for March 20th and said I didn't show up.

That never happened. I made an appointment for March 20th the same day I had my PAP done (a year ago), before I left the office, and I SHOWED UP for my appointment on March 20th. Nothing was ever said about the test being abnormal or about needing another PAP. I even discussed becoming pregnant at that visit. I asked what medications were safe for me to stay on and which ones I needed to get off for a safe pregnancy. Still nothing was said about an abnormal PAP until yesterday, one year later.

I'm scared because my mom died of cancer at 45 years old. I don't know what kind of cancer she had, but by the time they opened her up it was on her ovaries, colon, and something else. They closed her up and told her only 1 out of 500 people live more than a year. I'm so sad to think a year may have already been wasted by them not telling me.

I've been having problems and explained them to my doctor yesterday while I was crying. I've been having periods that last two weeks and bleeding in between. I start to bleed (heavy) during sex and every time I have a bowl movement. She told me the reason I wasn't getting pregnant wasn't because of the abnormal PAP and the bleeding was probably because of hormones. I don't know what to believe. I feel I should find a new doctor after all this, but she wants to see me back to do another PAP as soon as I'm off my period. She said she would call me personally with the results. She has also set me up to have an ultra sound on Mon. and did blood work yesterday.

I feel like this was a huge mistake on their part and it doesn't seem to matter. They never said they were sorry, instead they tried to blame me. Now it seems they're trying to help. I'm very upset by this and cried all night. I don't know what I should do. I would like to have some feed back from others because I think my emotions are getting in the way of my thinking straight.


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    You have every right
    Hi. I'm so sorry you have had this awful experience. I am also appalled at the way things played out at the doctor's office. I would recommend you find another gynecological practice.

    First, get your PAP repeated. Second, get a uterine biopsy done. I don't know how old you are, but you must be rather young since you were discussing pregnancy. Take this step by step. First, find another doctor. Second, get your PAP repeated and maybe they can do the uterine biopsy at the same time.

    Don't panic. In all likelihood you are ok, but you need to be sure. Never ignore abnormalities. You know your body better than anyone else. If something is different, always get it checked out.

    If you need to vent or anything, come here. We all care about each other, and we want to DELETE cancers from human experience!

    Praying for you,
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    Uterine cancer
    I had Stage I Grade 3B uterine cancer with a total DaVinci robot-assisted hysterectomy on 10/27/08. I was told they "got it all." I ordered my medical records from the hospital as I am a 42 yr veteran medical transcriptionist and I understand the lingo. My oncology surgeon said he wanted to put this before the Tumor Board at the hospital and they recommend 6 internal radiation treatments, 3 a wk for 2 wks. I am very scared. I asked the surgeon if it would be painful and he said it would be like a PAP smear. I am to see the radiation dr. on 12/30. Just need to hear from someone who has faced this. I too experience such emotions, anger, etc. I have been told that it was post-traumatic stress syndrome due to the body grieving over the loss of a body part. mhouse