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Waiting on PET results

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I don't post often but it always helps to read everyone's posts--this a great source of support. I was dx'd Stage iv cc in Oct '07. Two surgeries and then started FOLFOX in Jan '08 and finished in June. All of my CT scans from Feb on have been NED with the last one after I finished chemo in June. I had my PET scan this past Wednesday and will see my oncologist and get results on Monday. For some reason, I am crashing hard tonight, crying and scared. I usually am able to stay positive, but I am so scared. Any suggestions--has anyone else found ways to help relieve the stress while waiting? Also, I'm interested in starting juicing; I'd love some input on getting started. Sorry, I know I'm jumping around on my subjects, but I think this stress is giving me a flea brain (as if chemo brain wasn't bad enough).


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Hi Rebecca! What helps me when i'm worried like that, i write down how i feel (in detail), all my concerns, possible outcomes of the tests, then crumple up the paper, and throw it away.

With the paper goes much of my fear, and i feel i can relax. Stress exacerbates illness, and you don't need that. Especially when the results will probably be positive. After you throw the paper away, i would put in a good movie (something that you find uplifting), or find something fascinating to watch on tv.

Hope this helps!
Many hugs,

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That's really good advice! I think I'll start doing that. I always seem to worry about things I can't control (all associated with stupid cancer). I just wanted to jump in here and say thanks for that!

Also, Rebecca, I hope everything turns out well. I'll be thinking of you!


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And Ativan helps too! The scan results will be good, let us know!

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My mom Recap: DX Nov. 07 Stage 4 colon cancer. She initially had cea of about 190, decreased to 8.9 and over the last few tests her cea has increased to 14.5. She had a ct scan in May, disease stable. Now since cea is rising, onc ordered a pet scan. She gets it next Wednesday, originally scheduled next Monday, but due to scheduling it is now Wednesday. This prolongs the wait!!! I feel like we are waiting to wait. I do not like the stress of waiting or pondering what ifs, so I just don't ponder them, as for the stress I work out thanks to a triathlon i'm training for. Also for mom, I just get her out of the house and distract her. I realize I cannot possibly change what the results might be, or might not be. It's natural to worry but it stresses you more. I'll pray for your good results, and i wouldn't mind the reciprocity.


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Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers! I'll definitely add your mom and you to my prayers.


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Do anything you can thing of to distract yourself. Also feel free to feel, fear, anxiety etc - scream cry or whatever - it gets boring fairly quickly. It is OK to express your fear and anxiety to friends, here on online (where we all understand) and family (who can take it). It is normal and natural to feel afraid - don't deny it, it just makes it worse. Ativan - is also a great help or a glass of wine shared with a friend.

I had a two high cea tests in August with a normal CT scan. I will going back for another CEA in late October - if it isn't lower (4.5) I will have another CT scan the next day, even if it is lower I will go back the Monday before Thanksgiving for another CT scan - am I scared - yes, yes, yes - I am currently 15 months ned for stage IIIA but who knows.

Let yourself feel scared for 15 minutes and then move on, distract yourself. Talk to people, sounds like you will have a good outcome.

Crashing is just part of this horrible disease. I try not to let the fear overwhelm me for than 15 minutes at a time..


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