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Colon X-ray seen as effective at spotting cancer

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I really don't like this new idea due to the following reasons:

a) You miss one day of work to have the virtual X-Ray performed.
b) If something is found an needs to be removed, than you miss another day of work and additional prep to remove polyps
c) Too many flaws right now and now guarantees it works
d) Colonoscopies allows an educated, trained GI Doc to view your colon for "any" adnormalities and not just polyps.

Just my two cents


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I completely agree with you. My cancer did not originate from polyps, so it would not have been spotted without the colonoscopy. This idea really should not take hold as the standard for screening!

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I'm wondering if this is for the people who don't want to do the colonoscopy?? I tell anyone that will listen that the PREP is the worst part. Sounds like you still have to do the prep so what are the benefits?? I'm still going with the old way. Now I just have to get the discount for less to view......

Lisa F.

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Since we semi-colons have less colon to check and view, we should demand a discount :)

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I remember discussing the option back in 2004 before I was diagnosed. My gastro said basically what you said; if they find anything, they have to go in for a real colonoscopy anyhow. As far as the post-surgery colonoscopies, I like the fact that they go so much faster with the shorter colon! Where mine was resected, gastro says it took out one of the curves, so it's a breeze for him! Keep the info coming, Nudgie, we appreciate it!

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