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What can I expect from a PET scan?

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Hi All - From those of you who have had one? Just wondering how it goes - Can I drive myself? Should I expect to feel yucky afterwards?? I get sick (from the association of the contrast drink) so just wondering about the PET ? Thanks -

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Hi Mykidsmommy -

A PET scan is nothing to fear - you won't feel yucky in any way. Actually it is kind of relaxing. You rest in a darkened room for about an hour after they inject the radio glucose. The injection is just a simple IV injection and causes no effects. There is nothing to drink, like with a CT scan. The scan itself takes about 40 minutes or so, but it is comfortable - fairly open - not closed like an MRI can be.

So, you can definitely drive yourself (and may want to stop off for a bite to eat following your scan, since you have to fasted for at least 6 hours).

Good luck,
Betsy (veteran of MANY MANY PET scans)

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I agree, a PET is easy peasy. The only problem I have is my claustrophobia. I thought I could tough it out the first time and didn't bother with any relaxation meds. I spent the entire time inside the machine imagining myself losing control and screaming for them to let me out, so now I bring a friend, some ativan and the scan is no problem! Mary

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What would I do without you people? Now I totally understand and am actually looking forward to it! An hour or two alone , no kids , and a good book? Maybe I will schedule two PET scans this week! Kidding - well about the the two scan part - not about the being alone part! I will make the best of it - and I love the advice to eat afterward - AS IF I needed help with THAT!
Thank you so much ladies ~ I have a rreally good feeling about this week, mentally I am strong and look foward to hearing good news - or atleast no news. Right? I will keep you posted.
Thanks for telling me what I can expect.
Good Night to all -

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