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Fallopian Tube Cancer

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In June of 2007 at the age of 40 I was diagnosed with Fallopian cancer (stage 3), I had a full hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy. My doctor told me "aggressive cancer, aggressive chemotherapy" and through it all my doctor was wonderful. It has almost been one year since my treatment has ended. So far everything is good. I always wondered when my life would go back to where it was, but it never does, life is changed forever. What does not kill you makes you stronger, when you think you cannot take any more, you may surprise yourself. I just wanted to post a message for anyone going through this type of cancer or any other cancer, I wish you well, try to stay positive. It was not always easy to say the least, I consider myself fortunate, there are many others who have worse than myself, but please remember you have the right to your emotions and feelings. God bless my mother for having to watch her daughter struggle and not being able to help, but little did she know, her being there was the help I needed. My husband and my loving dog by my side. Surround yourself with positive and not negative. Always trust your gut instinct, you have the right to choose!
Today is another day, it is not just an average day, it is better than that, I am here to love the ones who love me and to care for the ones who care for me.
Be good to yourself
Bless you all!!

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You may want to post your message on the Gynecological Cancer discussion board. You can also do a search of the CSN website by typing in fallopian tube in the search bar at the top of the page. We wish you the best of health.

Kind regards,
Your CSN Staff

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Hi, I was diag. with this type of cancer in April. Like you I had a full hysterectomy. My doctor said he got all the cancer out and things look good for me. My only problem is that my CA125 is going down slow and than up. My doctor says that the CA125 is not a mark that the cancer is back. He is treating me aggresively with chemo in my IP port and my upper port. I am very positive about my outcome but sometimes get discouraged. I will be starting round 5 next week. Reading your story tonight made me feel even more positive. Thank you

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Hi, I was also diag. with a similar Cancer in Feb. 2009. I also had a total hysterectomy and debulking procedure. My cancer had moved to the pleura of my right lung. I started chemo 2 weeks after my surgery, I also had two ports one IP and upper chest port. I just finished my Chemo in July and to tell you my 5th and 6th treatment were pretty rough! But I made it! Stay positive, the Chemo they give does kill this type of Cancer it did mine! My CA-125 started at 290 and is now 13! I was given three chemo drugs, taxatere, taxol, and cisplatinum. I also would get discouraged, I had my ups and downs through the whole thing. You can do it you are almost done!!!
hang in there!

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I was wondering how you are doing now?

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I just want to let you know I was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer in june of 2010 and I am still in treatment. I don't know if the posters above are still on the board as their posts are old some people go into remission and don't come back.
I am usually on the ovarian cancer board because there are not alot of people here ( that is an understatement) and fallopian tube is treated the exact same way. There are other FTC people there also. Anyway, how are you doing ? I am in treatment but doing fairly well hope to hear from you.

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I was diagnosed with FTC stage IIIC (lymph node involvement) in July 2009. It then turned out I was BRCA1 positive. I had full hysterectomy/debulking surgery and Carbo/Taxol 8 rounds. 1.5 years of Abraxane maintenance, then last year CA 125 started creeping up again. I had 6 rounds of Carbo/Gemzar. Now I'm on once a month Gemzar maintenance.

I would love to keep up with how everyone is doing. This is a rare disease, and it's good to share information.

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Hi I was wondering how the maintenance Gemzar is working I was 56 when diagnosed in june of 2010 with fallopian tube cancer. I got six rounds of carbo/taxol then six rounds of Avastin for maintenance. While on the Avastin my numbers were creeping up 2 points at a time then when I was off of the Avastin my number doubled. Ct/pet scan showed some areas of growth but a biopsy came back negative three months later another scan the areas were bigger and another biopsy came back positive, so onto six rounds of carbo/gemzar/avastin. I am almost finished with that and my Dr. may keep me on the Avastin for maitenance. There is not much activity on this board so if you want more responces post on the ovca board. Good Luck to you !

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