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RE: Supplements..good or bad?

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I recently read an article that said you should always check with your doctor during and after cancer treatment before you use nutritional supplements? Some interfere with treatment..and it also said it was much better to get what you need through food. I was always low in potassium and they sent in a nutritionist to help me know what foods to eat more of. Wondering what y'all have heard on this subject?

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Hi there. What some drs say is that taking antioxidants will protect the cells that treatment is intended to destroy, but none will go so far as to say that you should not be EATING (well cleaned and I would add organic where possible) fruits and vegetables -which is where antioxidants come from. Keep your supplementation simple: take a whole foods supplement (powder or capsules) which basically will help you get the necessary amount of vegetables in addition to what you can eat, and most of these whole foods supplements contain some digestive enzymes and promote GOOD bacteria in your stomach. A multivitamin is also good, but get a fast dissolving one - anything else is a waste of $. And if you're low on potassium coconut water (not milk) is nature's perfect balance of potassium, sugars and salts AND it is almost identical to human blood plasma so it's like giving yourself a blood transfusion (and it was used in WWII for that very purpose) but you can drink it, you don't have to have it infused! try the ONE brand. its best tasting. I just created a website that talks about all of these things and much more. Are you currently in treatment or just out?

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Hi Racht: I would love to check out your website. What is the address? I am so confused as to whether I should take supplements or not. I did read that if you do take all the antioxidants, it can protect the cancer cells from dying. Did you ever hear of Life Extensions? I've been reading alot about antioxidants there. Oh, by the way, I have Hodgkins Disease. Already been thru 12 treatments of ABVD and within 2 months, it came back. Now they are talking stem cell transplant. I have an appt on Thursday. Don't want to go thru the stem cell transplant. It also involves high doses of chemo, yuck!!!!!!! Not into it. So how are you? Is your cancer all gone? I hope so. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

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I am in remission 1 yr from stage 4 dlbcl nhl. I was taking a good liquid antioxident supplement when I got cancer and had to stop that. I am trying to look into what I should take now . I do try to eat as healthy as I can but money is tight. I am at a new cancer center and will probably speak with their nutritionist also. Thanks for your good advice. It sure helps to get input from others who have gone through all this .

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I reciently had the occasion to log on to a website and listen to a conference call about supportive therapies for cancer cessation, as it was called, by a homeopathic doc that detailed some of the 22 diferent formulas or agents thats he uses for cancer prevention and treatment with his patients. He really caught my attention when he told the story about how he was able to shrink a tumor the size of a grape fruit down to the size of a pea in a women with breast cancer. One of the agents he talked about, was what he called, a nontoxic form of chemotherapy called Poly MVA which he uses with coQ10 ubicunal. Zyflamend which can be purchased at your local health food stores, is an incredable 10 whole plant herbal formula from New Chapter, that has two great cancer fighters, Green Tea and Turnmeric. Its actually a natural anti-inflammatory formula that works amazing fast for pain control. It's has an aray of herbs you can safely take everyday, which i do.. Google Zyflamend and you'll bring up an aticle on it.
Actually the doc gave referance to certain supplements that can be taken right along with cemotherapy effectively that relieves symptoms, while increasing the effectness of chemo. The doc dispelled the idea that you shouldn't take nutritional supplements with chemo or rads. It's not that they "feed" cancer cells that creates a problem with chemo. The right supplements like the Medicinal Mushrooms with AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) support the immune system and the killer cell activity to go after and remove cancer cells. There is real research behind this and it comes to us from Japan...i found a 30 page booklet on AHCC for $1.50 along with where the formula is sold.
In the case of AHCC, a "supperfood" nutritional supplement from Japan, there is an unusual combination of mainstream acceptance by the medical profession and by the general public. In fact, AHCC is close to be considered a mainstream cancer therapy in Japan, and its acceptance is rapidly growing in other countries. Part of this rapid acceptance is due to the volume of scientific research devoted to the many applications of AHCC. AHCC is being used in over 700 hospitals in Japan and is being researched in fifteen Japanese medical colleges and universities. Outside of Japan, universities in United States, China, Korea, and Thailand are conducting research on AHCC.
In 1998 a published study showed how AHCC enhanced the therapeutic effects of chemotherapy and reduced the negative effects. AHCC prevented inhibition of NK cell activity by the chemotherapy and inhanced macrophage activity, which is usually supressed by the drugs. Combined AHCC and conventional chemotherapy enhanced efficiency by decreasing tumor size 20 percent more than the chemotherapy alone and preventing metastasis, spread of cancer to other parts of the body, by 30 percent more than chemotherapy alone. One of the great advantages of AHCC is that conventional chemotherapy does not distinguish between normal cells and cancer cells, but AHCC stimulates the action of the NK (natural killer) cells which destroy only the abnormal cells.
Clinical studies in Korea and Japan have indicated that AHCC remarkably improves quality of life, not only in of nausea and vomiting, but also in general well being. All of the three main parameters of QOL were improved by AHCC: physical function and performation, psychological state and social interaction. AHCC has also been shown to improve appetite in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and to help them gain weight. The reduction in psychological stress is of immense benefit to immunity and longevity, as well as general enhancement of life.
This information, plus more in detail, is documented in the 1-hour read booklet thats available at www.iherb.com for $1.50. The product called impower, with AHCC is available their too. Search Medicinal Mushroom with AHCC at that website to bring it up.. If anyone wants to hear the conference call, The Natural Supportive Therapy for Cancer Cessation, i can email it to you.

I have no finanical connections with this booklet or any of the products you might view on the Iherb website or the conference call i mentioned. This is intended for information only and its recommended not to attempt to treat oneself if under treatment for cancer, as set forth in ACS guidlines. Cheers... and blessing to all.

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