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Yesterday there was "Standup2cancer" program running on Channel 2,4 and 7 at 8:00PM. With everybody invovled, hopefully will find the cure for all cancer. I donated whatever I can and when I checked "" web site, I saw money are distributing to a lot of research centers. But I didn't see any Lung cancer research center on the list. I have posted the email to them to have them consider some fund for Lung cancer search. I was thinking that if we have more people sent them the email, may be they will fund some money for Lung cancer research so we might have a higher cure rate like breast cancer.


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    great idea. Both of my
    great idea. Both of my parents passed away with lung cancer, and I also have wthe same kind. The oncologist did not know what to do in my case, as he said, we can't find a cae where it was the same cancer, same size, same age...I said then use me as a trial. I just found it amazing that with so many with cancer they didn't have any matching cases. SO we need more research.