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Another Sutent Question

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site and new to kidney cancer. I was diagnosed with RCC (Clear Cell) on June 20th of this year and had a left radical nephrectomy on July 14th. We weren't wasting any time. I had a 10.5 cm growth on my kidney and 8 cm of growth in 14 lymph nodes. Needless to say my cancer is advanced. The good news is that my post operative scans didn't find anything else. I have recovered well from the surgery but I also picked up C-diff in the hospital which wiped my stomach and me out. I have not been able to eat much and have been very weak. The treatment that is being suggested to me is a year's worth of Sutent. I was supposed to start this week but I am still having stomach problems so the start has been delayed. Here is my question: Is there a "better" time of day to take the sutent to minimize side effects. I thought about taking it before going to bed but then I thought it will be in full gear when I wake up. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks and God bless you all,

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Ciao Maria,

I am on Sutent since 2003. I am one of the first guinea pig of the trial :)
I have been experimenting your exact issue for a while.
I am sure they have also given you some "support medication" for the side effect of Sutent among other something for the Acid Reflux, I use Protonix.
So this what I found:
In the mornig as soon as I wake up I take the thyroid and blodd pressure stuff.
I usually feel dizzy for about 30m then I try to eat something when possible.
In the evening I take the Protonix before dinner and the Sutent before going to bed.
I also try to eat less in the evening and spread the food intake during the day: better more small snacks then fewer heavy meals.
This routine works best for me, it may not for you but you are the only judge for that; experiment, keep track of your syntoms and experiment different patterns.

Hope this help!
Best of whishes


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Like the previous responder I to had side effects on the drug.
I took it for about a year. I would take protonix& regland and sythroid in am eat light in the morning , take blood pressure meds and take student at night before bed. I also had problems with mouth sores used a mixture from the pharmacy during the day. It sounds rough but I had been through worse and the stuff worked keeping the cancer at bay for a year.

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Your post was on my 49th Birthday just 2 days after I found out I would have to start sutent. I just finished my first round and am in my 2 week rest period! I can go to work tommorrow without mole skin on my feet. I take the Reglan 30 min before the Sutent, and the Synthroid in the morning. I too have the sore mouth. I am so happy to hear you have been taking it for a year.


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