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TSH went down (followup to post-TT)

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Hi all...this is a followup to the post I made a few months ago (June) when my TSH had risen to 3.82 despite having a total thyroidectomy in March. I was raised from 100 mcg to 125 mcg of Synthroid, and a few weeks ago (Aug 15) TSH tested at .946, just below 1. Should it be lower to suppress cancer recurrence (or not, since my pap thyca was small and I am considered low-risk)? Unfortunately, was not tested again for thyroglobulin...but since I still had antibodies last time (having had Hashimoto's since a year ago, before the thyroid cancer was diagnosed the following spring), my endo seems to think the thyroglobulin will not be a good indication and prefers to follow up with ultrasound, etc......

Thanks -- and a shout out to Amyrhona, thanks for your help a few months ago and hoping you are doing better....?

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