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puzzle almost put together but somehow i dont think so

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Hey guys what a labor day literally, well i first want to thank all of you for your support and trying to help me solve this puzzle but good and bad news well to begin...

I went over to her sister house with icecream her favorite flavor and told her we must talk and before u know it she broke out in world of tears it was so horrible to see someone who was always so strong look as if they wanted to crumble. well she told me enough from the very start. From November 2007 she went to gyn and had a irregular pap they ran a few test colocoscopy not 2 sure if i spelled it right but im trying in Jan 2008 results were in but inconclusive... for the next 2 months she went to doctor for pain in stomach and pain during sex and nothing than on April 15, 2008 she went to er for severe pain in stomach and they gave her a cat scan blood test the whole shabang and she was rushed into a emergency surgery which was a laptoscopy which took out tumor and biopsy they let her go home the same day after the surgery. May 31, 2008 dx with cancer stage 3c. June Begain Chemo # 1 really messed her up needed a blood transfusion (i was like all this was going on i had no clue) so chemo stopped until levels went up. July 14 er visit for vomiting, fever, and of course stomach pain she was giving surgery # 2 on July 16 and got discharged on July 21, 2008. This surgery which was the debulking they took as much as they could they offered her a hysterectomy but she refused.. now still no chemo.. now August 20, 2008 er vist again for vomiting and pain and she was rushed into surgery # 3 for a cleaning, draining for acesites and yes finally a hysterctomy she was in hospital from august 20 got discharged on august 22, 2008. now home on bed rest feeling crapy but sept 2, 2008 2nd follow up appt with onco for further chemo procedures.

woo that was alot im still in awe... but at least i know a little

now for the worst news she still wants to keep this a secret from our parents. I tried to convince her but she angerly shouted no. the doctors told her that without her start of chemo thetumors are forming and they a forming fast. she has put off chemo so many times due to low blood count and surgeries.

with all that said do you guys think my sister time is running out if she doesnt start chemo fast?

Time line
april- lap surgery
june- blood transfusion not 1 but 2
july - debulking
august- hysterectomy

whats next? you guys have been good so far please continue to help me

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