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2 years NED!!

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Joined: Sep 2006

Hi all. I haven't posted for a while as I don't have an internet connection all the time now but wanted to share my good news and I hope give hope to all who are in the fight. I just had bloodwork done and saw my onc and I'm NED and I'm two years out from my diagnosis and surgery. I was stage 2, had surgery and four rounds of chemo. I was scheduled for twelve but developed cdif and stopped chemo at that point. I've never felt better and I've never appreciated my health as much as I do now. All the best to everyone - there is hope...Mark

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Congratulations and enjoy!!! I hope you have something planned to celebrate? With so many new 'faces' on the board, I know that it is always nice to see how well some people are doing after chemo. As KathiM would say.... Happy Dance here for you!

Lisa F.

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Joined: Jul 2005

Yeah! Congrats on reacthing this major milestone! Here's to many more years of NED.


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Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. Now get out there and celebrate like crazy!


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Joined: Aug 2006

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news,I just started celebrating my 2 years of "NEDNESS" about 2 weeks ago.Hopefully lots of more good news are coming. I'll pray for that.

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Hey Sunriver! Congratulations on your good news and continued good health. Thanks for sharing your story of success and hope. It's always such a boost.
Many blessings for good health and happiness!

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Joined: Oct 2004

Congratulations, Mark! That is GREAT news and really helps others fighting their fight, knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel! Prayers for many more years of NEDness! Naked Happy Dance! Mary

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Joined: Jan 2007

Congrats and celebrate. God Bless

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It's great to hear someone is dancing with NED :) :)

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