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88 year old taking chemo/radiation?????

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My mom has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer. They are not sure if it's primary or secondary yet...(full story can be read in the liver cancer section)..anyway..it's inoperable and we will be visiting an oncologist about chemo/radiation in a couple of weeks...we were told by the liver specialist that chemo/radiation will not cure this type of cancer but it can help it stop to grow for a while and/or stop the pain process...depending on the individual..no guarantees....I know that chemo/radiation takes a lot out of even young patients...just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with elderly having chemo/radiation successfully? I don't want my poor mom put through the hell of chemo or radiation for an extra two months of life.
Any advice...information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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My dad who is 80 was just diagnosed with liver cancer. He was told not to have chemo and radiation and everything that I have read has told me that they really don't help in liver cancer. There is a medication that is approved for liver cancer called Nexavar that can help to shrink the tumors and extend life that is not a chemotherapy. The greatest side effects are skin rashes and something called foot/hand syndrome. The palms of the feet and hands get thickened skin and can crack and be painful. Also you have to look out for high blood pressure. There are not a lot of options for liver cancer, but this is one that may be helpful, especially for the elderly.

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