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Devestated - Dad has pnemonia (sp) - Doctor ordered MRI of brain??

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My dad has not been feeling well since the beginning of August (stage IV cancer - diagnosed 2002. He has had multiple surgeries and treatments. Was in remission till October 2006 when cancer came back with avengence. Has mets in liver and lungs and possible lymph node near esophagus. He was diagnosed with pnemonia on August 18 (should have gone to the doctor sooner - very stubborn). He went for a week of antibiotics (intravenously) at his oncologist's office. He was some what better but got worse this week. So, he went to see his oncologist. He admitted him to the hospital so that he can receive round the clock care to beat the pnemonia. I am glad about that. I have two concerns - he is off treatment (we were about to start new treatment of oxiplatin, avastin, and xeolda) and his doctor has ordered three tests: Chest X-Ray, CT Scan, and MRI of brain. I am worried about this MRI scan. Does he think the cancer has spread to the brain?? My mom says he wants multiple tests to rule out everything. What do you think? I need some reassurance right now.

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I'm so sorry to hear your dad has not been feeling well -- and about the pneumonia. I'm sure scary to have him take a dip this week but at least he is in hospital where they can keep a close eye on him and give him whatever he needs to get rid of the pneumonia. I just wanted to let you know that my doc ordered an MRI of the brain for me not too long ago. He explained that most of the wonderful treatments we receive these days cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so spread to the brain is something that needs to be RULED OUT. In my case, he had no cause whatsoever to think my cancer had spread to my brain -- it was purely precautionary -- a screening test (which of course I could have declined -- but did not. I figure it is just gathering information....). I suspect MRI of the brain is starting to become more common -- esp as CRC survivors are LIVING LONGER - yea. Sending all best wishes for your dad and to you and the family. Tara

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