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Venous Invasion anyone???

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Hello all!

Since my diagnosis, I've been scouring the web for any information I can find. I eventually came to realize that this was a totally compulsive behavior on my part and wasn't very helpful to my mental and emotional health. It dawned on me suddenly that what I was looking for all along was something that would tell me YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE, YOU WILL NOT DIE (well...not from this anyway). Well, that information is obviously not out there. So I decided to write that statement in my journal, because that is going to be the only place I will ever be able to read exactly what it is that I was looking for in the first place.

Sorry, for the ramble. My issue is: I looked high and low for information on venous invasion and it was so hard to find any. I was wondering if anyone else was diagnosed with venous invasion. My oncologist has given me very vague answers to my questions regarding this part of my staging (which is T3-V2, N1, M0).

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or knows anything about it.

Sorry for my babbling, I'm definitely suffering from fuzzy chemo brain.


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Hi, Elizabeth -

based on what I have read, venous invasion is pretty common - it was noted in ~52% of the cases reviewed in the study I read. I guess that's another reason to hit the buggers hard with chemo and holistic treatments.

You're absolutely right; I have never read any study that definitively says we're going to live from this disease. In fact most seem pretty bent on telling us what the odds are that we're going to die from it.

What is going to tell you "YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE, YOU WILL NOT DIE (well...not from this anyway)" is that inner voice that lives in your head. Your friends here will also reaffirm that for you, too!

Be well, fight strong!

- SpongeBob

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