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Looking forward

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Joined: May 2006

I debated about posting good news, because I'm feeling survivor's guilt, but decided many of you need to hear that we can be successfull in this fight.
My husband and I just got back from our check ups. (I had stage iv colon cancer 3 years ago and my husband had an endocrine carcinoma this spring. He had part of his small intestine removed and lymph nodes in the area.) We are both NED!!! Don still has a scan to do, but the onc was impressed at how well everything looked. I can hardly believe that I don't have to return to the onc for 6 months!
We have 2 young grandchildren and a new one on the way. I am very thankful for each new day and for all of these blessings.
Looking forward...
Jo Ann

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Joined: Oct 2007

It's always wonderful to hear such positive news, especially after finding out that another one of us has passed.

Naked dances for both of you!
Many hugs,

jams67's picture
Posts: 927
Joined: May 2006

I never was a very good dancer and I feel like celebrating.
How about naked hugs?
Jo Ann

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You know, in my VAST experience with naked dancing (as a sailor, this experience is an occupational hazard mind you) one is not permitted to touch the naked dancers. Naked hugs will get one tossed - quite unceremoniously - from said naked dancing establishment (without allowing subject client to finish his - typically the client is a "he" - malt and hop-based adult beverage. Not that I have personally experienced this - I once knew a guy who told me about his experience.

I recommend we limit our happy dances to ... "scantily-clad" Anything else runs the risk - in many of our cases - of causing serious retinal damage.

Just looking out for your continued good health.

- SB (as in "Safety Bob")

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Don't ever be concerned about sharing good news! It's the good news that keeps us all going! It's great to hear about a stage IV still here 3 years later and NED! And your husband as well! Naked happy dance, for sure! Mary

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Congratulations to you and Don. We can do some celebrating in SF!!!!


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Joined: Mar 2007

Congratulations! Good news is always welcome here! Thanks for sharing and enjoy each day!

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I am so happy for both you and Don. Congratulations on your great news. You both deserve many more neds to come. You have been such a strong support system for many here on the board, including myself. It is encouraging to hear that stage IV is not always the end but often it is a new beginning. Hoping to see you both in San Fran

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Jo Ann & Don -

What WONDERFUL news! So happy for you guys - looking forward to seeing you in November in Frisco!

- Bob

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Joined: Aug 2006

So happy for you both,I think that is great to share good news, I remember when I started looking at our posts,that I was always concentrating in the ones with good news and even will print them and read them over and over.Enjoy your NEDNESS!!!

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Joined: Jul 2007

It is so wonderful to hear your good news. Especially the Stage IV NED.
It is always encouraging to hear the good stories and helps keep the rest of us going.
Survivors should never feel guilty...you both are for a reason.
Thanks for posting.

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Joined: Jan 2004

Great news, Jo Ann!! I am so happy that you both are able to share good news together. We will all celebrate your wellness in SF.



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Joined: Feb 2008

Never, never hesitate to share the good news. We're all so happy for both of you. Let the dance begin!


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Joined: Aug 2008

I'm new here but there nothing like nakedness to break the ice! I'll do the naked happy dance for both of you...just me, my bag and my big old butt-crack-in-the-front scar. And I don't care who sees it! LOL!

That's wonderful news that gives hope to us all.

My most sincere congratulations to you both. There's so much to live for!


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Posts: 927
Joined: May 2006

There is no picture of you here so that we can get some idea of what that would be like. Not sure that's one you would want to post.
Jo Ann

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Joined: May 2008

It's the good news that keeps me going! Love to see it!

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