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Breast cancer twice

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I have finished chemo for the second time in 2years and started the first of 35 rads. Are there any others who have had it twice? What do I need to expect in regards to it coming back again.

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I am finishing up my first battle, but Zahalene will probably write you and tell you her wonderful success after two battles. I just wanted to write to give you my support after seeing your beautiful picture with your child. Hang in there. Come here as often as you need to for help or friendship. I want to join your team, fighter! Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery and many many happy days with your family. love, Joyce

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Thanks for thw words of encourgement. My daughter and husband are the reason I keep fighting this battle, which I intend to WIN!!!!!! Love to all , Betty

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Hi Betty: I have only had it once but I wanted to wish you all the best and give you much encouragement. There are many sisters that have fought the beast twice and hopefully they will be able to give you much advice. In the meantime, hang tough it will soon be over. Hugs and kisses, Lili

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Hi Betty, I have not had a recurrence and am a little more than 2yrs out from my diagnosis but I can imagine how you must be feeling because I have had a couple "scares". Hang in there, you beat it once before and you CAN do it again! Please visit us often and we will be here to offer support, share, and to just listen when you need an ear. Good luck and prayers, Eileen.

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Joyce knew I wouldn't let this one slip by.
I lost one breast in 1986 and the other in 1988.
Radical mastectomies both times.
Went through chemo twice, 25 rads, tamoxifen for 7 years.
But you know what kept me going. I also had a daughter (12) and a son (1). No way was I going to omit doing WHATEVER it took.
And look at me now! 60 this summer. And as one of my guy friends on here is so sweet to tell me, looking 'sleek and beautiful' (he's been known to stretch the truth, but we won't go there...lol).
All kidding aside. You have every reason to look forward to a long happy life. It will have its ups and downs, but hey it wouldn't be life otherwise, right?
God bless. Email me here if I can be of any help.

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Just wanted to send you and your daughter a big cyber hug. You will find lots of women who have gone through chemo twice. Zah is our hero and our inspiration. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.

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I had IDC on left 9 years ago and now I have it on the right. Very depressing. So I understand where you are coming from. I don't have the pathology yet, but I do know that I have at least one positive node. The fun begins again.

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Your name says it all. We have no greater reason to fight this fight than for our children. Best of luck to you! You will be in my prayers.

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Hi fighting mommy,

Yes I have had it come back. The first time I had treatments in 03 and a lumpectomy.
Last year I was diagnosed on the other side as a new primary so had bilateral mastectomy, also brca1+ but didn't learn that until after the mastectomy. I was just breezing along after the first time and being diagnosed again has taught me alot.

It is definitely a big punch in the tummy to hear it is back, there is no doubt about it and I am so sorry you are having to go thru this again. I do not know your pathology, I am a triple negative so once we have chemo and/or rads that's it as we have no therapy like er+.

We all respond differently to treatments as individuals with our own body. My daughter was diagnosed in Jan of last year, one month before me and I was devasted to hear about her and a month later me again. I've begun to do alot of reading and looking around online trying to find new medicines out there and what is going on in the trials. I had actually started that a couple of years before my second diagnosis so felt much more informed when faced with it again. We have to be informed so that we can discuss this with our Onc's and make sure they are up on the latest too! Some of them just don't have the time I guess but it is our life and we have to be our own best advocate.

I have no idea what my future will hold. After having it twice I'm pretty scared to be honest but try as time goes along to shove it back into my mind and try to find things to keep me busy.

Stay busy, make plans, love and hug your children, find a new hobby, whatever will help bring peace back into your mind and future.

artifact hunter
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I find aversion to societies use of the words battle in regard to undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Long ago, in massage school, I was taught to not think in anger terms about our body and it's ailments, but lovingly. I don't know if my cancer will return, but I refuse to use the battle and fight words. Before my surgeon removed my cancer I said to her, "Please don't say mean things about my tumor. Talk to it lovingly." Might sound weird, but maybe it won't "fight" back if it's treated with respect.

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Isn't there a saying, something about when you fight or resist your enemy you make it stronger? Wish I could remember it, I think there is truth in it. But really, the tumour is part of us. It too is us. In hating it could that also mean we hate a part of ourselves, emotionally or spiritually?? Hmmmmm. Got to think about that one.

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And the time in between frankly was the hardest for me - just wondering if it would come back. Now, double mastectomies, reconstruction and on with life! Yeay!

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First diagnosed in 2003, sailing along and then July of 2008- Wham! Its back! I find it harder to deal with it emotionally this time. Crying jags 3 times a day. But I'm getting better. No sh*t sandwiches for me.

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