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bladder cancer and neobladder

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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in february 2007. After chemo on
July 5, 2007 my canceros bladder was replaced with a neobladder. The surgery was performed at USC LA by the best doctors Dr. Scinner and Dr. Stain.
I am able to urinate normally during daytime. At nite i have to wake up using a time clack two three times. With diapers i can sleep longer.
I am 69 years old male. Personal positive attitude, after surviving surgery, is critical to be able to achive olmost normal live for a cancer surviver. If someone was diagnosed and had surgery recently my advice is
be patient and you will be ok. good lock

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You are right, with the choice of a good facility and the right surgeon bladder cancer patients can get life back again. I am 67, had my surgery at the Cleveland Clinic,,I have the outside bag,it works for me ,recovery is defineately a challenge, patience is on your side during this time, I have my life, my family,,and just a new friend on my side..I would have chosen the neo but cathing after surgery wasn't in the mix for me... I am back to golfing, swimming, traveling and whatever I did before,,,and so can anyone else going through b/c..I hope I have found a new friend here to share our stories.. Gene

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You have a survivor friend here. Sam in VA

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I will have to have surgery soon, Bladder removal and Prostrate removal. I still can't decide on the bag or Neobladder. I am 64 and my mind says: Neobladder but have read bad recovery stories about the Neobladder. Can you advise me?

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My neo bladder was put in by Dr Mark Schoenberg at Johns Hopkins in
Baltimore, last Feb. I am 59. I am still recovering and passing mucous. I was comletely clogged last week and had to have surgery to get a catheter in place. It even gets clogged and I irrigate. Last night I had more urine coming from around the catheter than through the tube. A local urologist said that I had bladder spasms. After a full Depends last night, my wife helped me irrigate again this a.m. and I seem to be flowing again.
I think drinking plenty of fluids help to dilute the mucous so that it does not plug you up as much. Spoke to a two year neo bladder patient and he said his firt three months were the worst and for a year now he has not had to self catherize nor irrigate.
Best wishes and Gods blessing to you as you progress through this. I guess it take a lot of patience. Sam in VA

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i had my neobladder in 2008 of march and very little will come out, i have to drain it four times a day.any help

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My neo bladder was put in by Dr. Mark Schoenberg at Johns Hopkins Hosp in Baltimore, MD early this past February. I still have incontinence and try to keep from getting pluged up with mucous from my intestinal bladder. I tried Cialus but it does not work. I am 59. Any suggestions or hope I can get would be great. Thank you.

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My surgeon recommends this surgery after ineffective bcg treatment for my cancer. What was your recovery time and anything thing else that may be helpful in my post op recovery


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Dr Mark Schoenberg did my bladder cancer surgery in Feb. 2010.  I elected to get a neobladder.  The first six months after surgery I was very sick and spent almost six months in the hospital.  I lost 110 pounds in those six months.  The local doctor found my ureter was leaking.  John Hopkins sent an ambulance to Richmond and took my back to Baltimore where the problem was fixed.  For the next two years I had two blockages that were removed by laser at Hopkins and a stent put it, each time for a month at a time before it was removed.  My urologist here in Richmond suggested I have a monthly urine check which I do.  I've averaged three UTI's per year but by taking antibiotics right away I have no more blockage problems.  From my experience I would suggest you have your urine checked monthly

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