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Colorectal cancer surgery

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Hi, do they always check nodes when they do the rectal tumor removal surgery?

Thank you

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For myself and all that I've read here, they do.

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I don't know about the always? but they did mine.

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they should

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if the doctor isn't checking them, they should be.

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My husband's colorectal surgeon felt his lymph-nodes during both his pre-op exams. They felt his right-groin lymph-node was swollen, so they scheduled another specialist to remove the node after the rectal surgery. Once the rectal surgery was performed and adjacent nodes were removed (4 of 15 positive), the second surgeon came in and operated on his right-groin and it turned out that 1 of 7 nodes were positive for cancer. I am very glad they checked out his major lymph-node areas and found the potential cancer forming in his right-groin. (Initial diagosis was Stage IIIC rectal cancer, 12/07.)

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I don't know if they always check (I don't know why they wouldn't) but they checked mine. They checked 14 and all came back negative.


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My dr said they check them as they need to- because they can tell by looking at them(if they MAY be affected). Don't know about in ALL cases but seems like it from mine and others experiences.

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