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Is cancer a mental illness

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Hi everyone; I am a 45 year old schizophrenic that smokes a lot and believe that cancer may be a mental illness. Yeh, this guy is crazy. Maybe a "unit of mind" is trying to manifest physically by occupying the flesh (or bone) and is trying to grow but does not know how because this quantum of mind has no instructions and that is why cancer is disorganized--just like the thoughts of a schizophrenic. So, maybe, cancer can be treated with some type of psychotropic (medications for mental illness) that control belief.

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Your photo is very appealing. I love cats and it seems to be observant and instinctive as they are. I gave my brother Steve a digital Kodak camera saturday that didn't have optical zoom but he is very glad.

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Cancer isn't in your head unless the doctor told you it was, we all have cancer cells it just that no one knows when or if it well hit you or not. That's what my doctor told me, but I think you are trying to confuse people like me in the big words you use. Cancer also runs in the family, my father died of lung cancer, but he told us kids that he didn't have it. The reason was he didn't want to be treated any different from his children or grandkids. My granddad had it to lung cancer and I could go on and on in the family, it's not just lung cancer that runs in our family.
So you smoke for 45 years, do you have cancer or not. Now I know that I'm using words that anyone can understand. I don't think anyone here wants to get out the dictionary to find out what the words mean.
Thank you for the information it did explain a lot

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The way I understand it, during cell growth, there's a sort of 'off switch' in place which keeps the cell from continuing to grow thereby becoming what's considered to be cancerous. In a cancer cell this 'switch' is faulty, thereby allowing the cell to continue to grow and divide and become somewhat disorganized.

I don't really think cancer should be confused with schizophrenia nor should be interpreted as a 'mental illness'. Cancer is the result of what's basically a fault within the cell structure and while schizophrenia can be the result of a chemical imbalance within the brain, the two really aren't related.

I hope this helps to explain it for you.

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