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Need help

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Joined: Aug 2008

I am diagnosed Endometroid adenocarcinoma.poorly differentated.. Stage IV, Grade III aggresive tumor in the pelvic after the complete hysterectomy and some lymp nodes removal.
Dr. says she could not take all the cancer(tumor) and will treat with Taxol/Carboplatin.. 6 times every 21 days.
I took first two.. than start the radio.. on the pelvic and vaginal area, because spread to vaginal wall.I took 15 radiotherapy than took the 3rd. chemo.........In the mean time i had some comlication tumor and left kidney..( precudure of Nephrosomy tube)left side.. But at this point the bag is out. And regular pee........

Yet i have a growth on my groin area.. and it was small but grew.. and reddish color.. Dr. was going to operate and take it out... But this week she changed her mind and says operation is not option!! thinks it a tumor growth... Therefor, I only took 3 chemo...( Taxol/Carboplatin.AND did not work.... after radiation tumor in the oelvic..(vaginal area) got smaller but not enough........last week saw both.. gno/oncology and radiotherapy dr's.
They are giving up on me.... She says, they will transfer me to a University Hospital that they do research on cancers..etc...

she did not even try other regiments or ..I read all the side drugs..( megace,taxotere,and others... she says.. Taxol/Carbo is the regiment we use????... that is it?

I am diagnosed as StageIV.. grade III.....................

Any help from you.??
thank you,

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Do it.I did. You will be treated well & will meet other cancer victims there & that helps. Good luck.I went to Mass. General in Boston. It's a Harvard teaching hospital.

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I was haveing a lot of the same problems and they sent me to University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. And now I am a 5 year surivivor of cancer. So I feel that the Drs at the University hospital have better technogely and more resources to help you out. My prayers and thoughts are with you for a full recovery.

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I posted my history already.. yet I did not receive any feedback.
Does anyone out there had uterus cancer..( endometrial adenocarcinoma) stage IV.. grade III.. Received Taxol/Carboplatin and plus abdominal radiation for the tumor ... that did not work on her?
I took 3 times chemo and 15 times radiation.. radiation reduced the size of tumor but not enough and now mets on both lungs (small) per CTscan.

I do not know what to do?.. my doctors are transferring me a university hospital , I beleive for clinical trials?
Any other chemo regimen used for this type of cancer? anyone
Doctor says this is the best regimen we have?
Need help,
Thank you

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I'm so sorry you are going through this despair and confusion. My prayers will be with you. Do you have your appt. yet with the university hospital? If your oncologist cannot offer new options, make this appt. I know of other women whose bodies are resistant to carbo/taxol and are undergoing other chemo regimens. Although carbo/taxol is the gold standard treatment, other treatments are available. Don't rule out clinical trials. That may be your answer. Also, new technologies are available that take active cancer cells from your body and test them against various chemos to see which ones they respond to. This may be possible in your case. Definitely give the univ. hospital a try. They are usually on the cutting edge. I know there's a hospital in New York that specializes in uterine cancers. That may be an option too. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this challenge.

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thank you iris,
we have an appointment on Sept.8th.. Monday.. I hope dr. has a better answer or a solution for me.But your comment that (they could take a cancer cell and check thru the other regimens.. to work?..) I never thought of that .. that is what i will propose him to do!!
Let's see.. and i will tell you what happened..
Thanks again

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Just wanted to pass along another website to you that you might find helpful:
It's a site for women with gyn cancers and has discussion lists and archives to search for info. Sometimes we can get information overload and need a break, but wanted you to know about this site.

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So sorry for all of your problems...you will be in my prayers! Please go to the M.D. Anderson site and have a good look around for information on chemotherapy for uterine cancer. They are located in Houston and are a national cancer center with research articles available to read online and they conduct clinical trials for people like yourself. Good luck and do go to the university setting. I had all of my treatment in a university setting and I am fine. All of my doctors are the head of their departments and are professors at the medical school. They have to be on top of everything, so I think your doctor is really looking out for you rather than giving up on you. Maybe they know when they have reached what they are capable of and are at least considerate enough to send you on rather than not doing anything at all. God bless you and your family!

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