Chemo Pain - Meds and new symptoms

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I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in August 2003 and finished chemo and radiation in 2004.
Very succesful but now I am almost 5 years out and I have terrible neck pain front and back. I did have pain in my legs and feet but am taking neurontin for nerve pain and it has helped but then my neck pain started and I don't want to become dependent on hydrocodone. Has anyone else had this problem and what helps? Also headaches daily.


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    chemo-radiation pain
    Hi. I had B-Cell NHL in 2003 in my face. Outside my bone from the sinus to the jaw. You didn't mention where yours was located or the treatments involved. My Lymphoma was not in my lymph system where it should of been. After CHOP+Rituxin and 25 shots of radiation to my head I survived with a bunch of damage from the cancer and treatments. I returned to work and over a period of 3 years I went from neck pain 3 times a month to constant neck pain. The pain would work up my spine to the base of my skull and go into a migraine that could last up to 8 days. Eventually I lost the use of my left arm and it took 3 months of therapy to get the movement back. The diagnosis was spinal stenosis and degeneration of the neck vertebres. And it was not repairable as it covered too much area and working on vertebres after radiation was not even considered an option in my case. I ended up on disability at 53 years of age and fight pain everyday. Not much of a retirement! Good luck slickwilly
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    Hi there. I am also a hodgkins survivor and I still experience some pain from radiation in the middle of my back. I can honestly tell you I don't think I'd be walking today if it wasn't for my health coach who's also a chiropractor. I did not believe in chiropractic at all but I've seen with my own eyes (exrays) that the curve in my neck has been restored and phase 2 degeneration has been stabilized. My spine was in worse shape than my 70 year old parents when I started. This particular method (gonstead method) is rare on the east coast but if you can look a chiro up in your area I would highly recommend it! Just go get checked, you've got nothing to lose and better health to gain. Lymphoma has been linked to immune type viruses (such as epstein barre) I had that in the form of mono when I was 11. A healthy, functioning nervous system is key to overall health since it feeds the nerves, tissues, organs and - cells! Feel free to check out my website for a little more detail on my story about chiropractic and many other things.
    Be well.