19 months after surgery

It has been 19 months since a total hyterectomy for adenocarcinoma endometrial cancer. I recently went to my doctor and he asked if my CT scans have been normal. No one has ever ordered any CT scans or even mentioned them. Now I am wondering how aggresive should I be in insisting on further testing? I have just left it in the doctor's hands and now I am feeling like I haven't been aggressive enough. Has anyone else felt this way?


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    19 months after surgery

    Wow! I had a total hysterectomy 16 months ago for Uterine Sarcoma. After external and internal radiation treatment, I have been following up with my doctors, GYN and Radiologist every 3 months. I have asked if a CT Scan or blood work should be done and have been told, no. Physical exams and pap smears only. I too feel as though I have not been aggessive enough.
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    Ask for followup
    I had a hysterectomy and chemo last year for the same type of cancer. My oncologist scheduled me for a CT scan 1 month after my last round of chemo. I then had another CT scan six months later. When I complained of some mystery abdominal pains, she scheduled me for a PET scan. I also see her every 3 months. For my oncologist, the scans are routine...at least once a year.
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    CT Scan
    Hi. You should definitely have a CT scan done. Also, get a colonoscopy done if you haven't already. A lot of the adenocarcinomas are genetically linked. If you have HNPCC (hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer), you will most likely also get endometrial adenocarcinoma. So get your colon checked, too. I was dx'd with colon cancer in August of 2006 and dx'd with endometrial adenocarcinoma in June 2007. Everything gynecological looked good in January of 2007, but by June I had cancer. So check out everything!