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Squamous cell carcinoma

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How effecive Electro beam treatment for total recovery. Is it come back later in different forms ?

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We encourage you to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your questions. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345. We wish you the best on your treatment.

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Many thanks for the reply. please be kind enough to sent e mail add of the relavant party.

Best Regards,

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i just found out on June 2nd that I have this type of cancer, and they have been moving very rapidly. I started chemo on the following monday and radiation on Tuesday, and of course I already have all the symptoms that I wasnt suppose to get until a few weeks into it. I already have thrush, and mouth sores, headaches, upset stomach(constantly) luckily they gave me pills to control that, and my hair is already thinning. I just need someone to talk to about this. This is the first time I have ever been diagnosed with cancer and I am 48 years old. Just need another person that has been through this or is going through this, for some insight. Thank you

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Hi Lostandlonely,

I'm not normally on this site as I'm a head & neck cancer survivor. I had to see a Dermatologist yesterday at the insistance of my Medical Onocologist who was concerned about a mole on my cheek and an abnormal growth on my ear.

As such, I thought that just maybe I should aquaint myself with this site should the need a raise...Cancer has taught me not to take anything for granted.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 SCC of the tonsil. The offending tonsil was subsequently removed. I had a PEG tube and an injection port surgically installed. Next on the agenda was 56 radiation treatments, 2 a day and chemo weekly. I got an IV daily (prior to my 1st radiation treatment). I was on Amifostine (a quite expensive drug) which was supposed to protect my saliva glands from the ill effects of radiation. The Amifostine was suspended in the IV.

About half through the aforementioned endeavor, I became quite ill. My Docs decided to suspend my treatments for a week so hopefully I would regain some of the strength that they had beaten out me.

Good News! I didn't have to worry about losing my hair. I was bald before the treatments started. My throat was so sore that it was exceptionally difficult to swallow. I learned real quick what the tube was for.

I lost a total of 50 pounds. Probably wasn't a bad idea but I wouldn't recommend the diet to anyone!

More Good News! I beat that demon and it's behind me. I try to live every day like there's no tomorrow. One never knows. Cancer did make me understand my mortality.

Laugh when you can. Humor is the greatest crutch that I can think of. Your glass can never be half empty. Make sure yours is half full!

Cancer is 2/3's attitude and 1/3 treatment. You will get through this. DON'T let it beat you!!!!

Hoping that I allowed you some support and sound advice.

Stay strong and may God Bless...


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Hi Jim,
I am a 39 yr old single mom with a 17 & 13 yr old. I was diagnosed with a rare form of squamous cell carcinnoma. It attacked the nerve in my cheek and then formed a tumor on my cheek. Thank God it did that, because it would have went undiagnosed because it is microscopic, so it did not show up on any scans or mri's. I had been numb on the left side of my face for almost 2yrs before the tumor formed. I had surgery in Jan. 10, and now going through radiation treatments for 6 weeks on head and neck. I might have to have one dose of chemo, not sure yet.

Just as you said, it's all about staying positive and laughing. I'm only into my 2nd week of treatment and starting to get some side effects. I'm working part time, so that I can take care of my children financially. There father is not helping at all. So I have keep going because I basically I have to.

I am going to the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Univ Hospital. They are great, but it's very scary when they tell me that what I have is rare, when that's all they do is treating cancer patients. I know I am at the best place I could possibly be at.

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hello lostandlonely,
i have squamous cell carcinoma and am stage 4. i am 35 yrs old and been battling this stupid cancer for 2 yrs. i know everything you are going threw i have been there with the radiation and im still doing chemo. the radiation is terrible!! i had 35 treatments and am still dealing with side effects. it will be a yr since my last treatment. darlin, i sure know what ya goin threw...if ya need to talk feel free to message me.

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did anyone ever contact you?

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I am a BC survivor recently finished with treatment. My sister was recently diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma on her arm. At first she was told it could be "scraped off". Now she is being told it has spread so she will have it removed in the dermatologist's office. Nothing I have read gives any indication that this type of cancer can become severe enough to require chemo and rads. Now I am very concerned for my sister. She is tough and I know she is a fighter but I am still scared. I know the feeling well after being diagnosed with BC this year and going through treatment. I am hoping someone here can give some advice from their experiences.

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squamous cell carcinoma , caught early, can be removed with no further problems...my aunty is constantly getting them cut off her, but it definately can spread beyond the skin, metastise to other organs, and then its a different ball game....
that is why you should always get a skin cancer checked out, even if you are sure it is just a basal cell carcinoma (generally more of a nuisance, rather than dangerous,unless neglected for years,) as squamous cell can look similar, but can be deadly if left to spread.

not to worry you, but just concerned that you said "Nothing I have read gives any indication that this type of cancer can become severe enough to require chemo and rads.", as it certainly can kill....

you can also develop squamous cell carcinoma in areas that have never seen the sun too...it is not just a "sun damage" cancer...it is cancer in the "squamous cells" of the skin, which can be anywhere...

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Yes it can certainly metastasize - mine was discovered in the inquinal lymph nodes (in the groin) but it is a secondary site and the primary has still not been found - and perhaps never will be found. This is called CUP - cancer unknown primary. There seems to be lots of information out there about cancer with unknown primary but it is primarily of the head and neck. Because mine was in the groin it was assumed to be gynycological. In this case, even tho' it is a 'skin' cancer it can also be skin of the anus, vulva, vagina, etc. Most of those parts were removed years ago and were, or seemed to be, non-cancerous. Nothing can be found in the parts I still have! So it is a worry but I don't think about it much. One doctor told me that this kind of cancer is often anal but often not found on colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy because it is so near the anal opening that the doctor doing that procedure is not even paying much attention as they tend to look for things further inside the bowel. My husband's doctor had a patient who had CUP of his neck, had it removed and has been well for 12 years with no further treatment. The same doctor, however, said he would probably opt for both chemo and radiation if he got CUP. Radiation and chemo of the pelvis were both recommended for me. Being a nurse, I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions and decided that that choice was not for me. The long-term side effects of the treatment would have been quite bad _ permanently edema of my legs with possible broken hip and shrunken vagina and anus. I am using something called the Rife machine which is controversial. I had my 2 lymph glands out in April. My recent CT scan and blood work were all normal so HURRAH! The NCCN website has a good tool for deciding what to do for various types of cancer. Just follow the steps. In my case it got vague at the end but for a lot of cancers, the treatment suggestions are quite clear.

My gynecologist asked me if I would be more angry if I did chemo and radiation or if I did not do them. I decided that I would be most angry if I did the radiation/chemo and then the primary never was found - I would still be stuck with the results of treatment. The prognosis for metastized SCC is quite poor but I hope to be in the category that survives, and I feel right now that I am. There is not a lot of research on this odd cancer so nothing to say that with radiation/chemo your life span will be 'x' more years. At the current time, no one can tell me I have cancer so I think I made the right choice "for me".

I would be happy to answer any questions. Please think hard about what you think is the correct choice for you. What decision would make you the most angry? God bless!

Wendy Segler
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Hi, Kayan, am curious to know how the rife machine did for you, and other questions. If you could please email me at Wendysegler12@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated! Wendy

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Hello Jan.

I had Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer in 2002, recurrence 2013.

I have also had melanoma in situ and just today I rec'd the results of a scraping - squamous cell carcinoma.  They are scheduling me for Mohs surgery. 

After surviving metastatic OVCA 2x,  I am not hysterical about this dx, however I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the appearance of mine and the strange feelings surrounding it.  The center of it looks like a typical scabby looking sore, but i also havea very large red area around it that is growing. Is this typical? I also have what feels like teeny electric shocks coming out from the center - stabbing needle-like pain. Do either of these indicate metastisis? I Can't find information related to  this question.

Any help will be appreciated.


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How far we can cure or control squamous cell carcinoma with Grade II
with radiotherapy after surgery?

Biopsy: Impression on removed parts via surgery
1. Moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, Grade II, wide
local excision specimen of left thigh
2. 13/13 ILIO inguinal lymphnodes and 6/6 external iliac lymphnodes
with metastatic carcinoma and perinodal spread
My question is "How far we can cure or control squamous cell carcinoma
with Grade II with radiotherapy after surgery?"
Patient age is : 63

this is for my dad, he has undergone surgery some 1.5 weeks back, he is recovering from surgery still. So does anyone undergone/heard similar to this?


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Would please post further status of your treatment.

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Hi Gunniachand

Would you able to let me know how it was done and how he is doing now. I hope your father should be okay after the surgery.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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