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How do we boost the immune system?

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My husband (34) was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer with secondaries to the lung and bone in May. We were given a pretty poor prognosis which we have decided to throw out the window and are doing all we can to gain control of this situation. He is currently in round 5 of 6 rounds of chemo, and after that our aim is to live an immune boosting lifestyle so that his body can then keep control and basically he keeps living.

My question is, does anyone know of good books or tips to do this? We are trying to attack his cancer from all angles and the diet is huge one we know we can manipulate, we have also looked into aromatherapy and accupuncture, mediation and positive visualisation, is there something more we can do?

Thanks so much,


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Heather, We've just taken my Dad down to The Cancer Treatment Center of America for treatment of his stage 4 Melanoma. But before we did that, I started pumping him up with several different types of vitamins and minerals to get his system as strong as it could be so he'd better tolerate the chemo. I also created a webpage www.cancerendeavors.com that I've listed two vitamin companies and some books and medical info on. It's geared towards women only because I've listed websites that they could buy wigs and such but the supplements could be used by anyone. And the links will take you directly to the proper companies. One stop shopping. There is also a link to The Wolfe Clinic that suggests a diet that pushes food that is mostly alkaline and not acidic. I hope he really likes fruits and vegies because that is where most of the cancer fighting foods will take you. The books I have listed on my site will push just that. Go to a bookstore to see if any of the books there feel right for you. My attitude is that if you really want to live you'll do anything. I did just that in 1997 when I had a footlong tumor in my chest. I beat it. I tried anything and some of the vitamins I've chosen to take are under the supplement page on my site. The treatment center was impressed with what we had already given him to take because they are the same ones they give. I wish the two of you the very best of luck. Don't give up. Always believe that you can and will beat this cancer.

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Thanks so much for your message Tammy, the website is great! It definitely helps steer me in the right direction.

Good on you for battling that tumour in your chest! That is really fantastic. Did you get into meditation at all? That is another avenue I would like to explore for Rhys (husband) when he gets stronger (he is in bed almost all day everyday presently), but he internalises a lot of his stress and I think meditation will really help him too.

Thanks again!

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Hi Heather. I had Difuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma in my face. Stage 3. Sinus to Jaw. It took a 3 1/2 hour operation to remove an octopus with tenticles from my face. Then I started CHOP+Rituxin and 25 Radiation treatments. My wife and I had already started a garden when I was diagnosed. I completly changed my diet. I just knew I had to do it for myself but I can't explain why. My own garden veggies, 100% fruit juices, 2% milk, chicken breast and liver off my outside grill as I really didn't like the smell of cooking food. Add some rice and I had a stir fry. I did drink more coffee than I should of but that was my treat. I won my battle in 2003 and actually gained 15 lbs during my treatment. The will to keep fighting is so important it can never be overstated. Surround yourself with good and get rid of the bad. Being around negative people or things is time that cannot be wasted and leads to depression. Your husband is so blessed to have a wife like you. You are quite special. Slickwilly

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Hi Slickwilly,

Thank you for your message, and congratulations on your battle! It sounds like you have come a long way! That is wonderful that you were able to gain weight in your treatment! That is our big aim with Rhys (husband) too. I did get a juicer and have started pushing fruit and vege juice on him, but garden grown sounds great actually, and I had been thinking I should switch to organic (god only knows what pesticides etc are on the supermarket ones)! so I should go ahead and do that.

Thanks again for your message and advice, we absolutely love survivor stories, there are so many great ones, people are pretty amazing at what they can battle through!

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When I came home from combination chemotherapy, my father made me high protein, potassium, and calcium milk shakes consisting of two raw eggs, one medium sized banana, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 12 ounces of skim milk, blended until smooth and drinkable through a straw.

Today, you can substitute Omega-3 eggs or egg whites for heart health, acidophilous milk and frozen yogurt for lactose intolerance, and cinnamon powder or sugar-free ice cream for blood sugar/insulin concerns.

It really helped jump-start both my appetite and energy level and went down surprisingly well, considering the fact that I had been vomiting my insides out just the day before!

Love and Courage!


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