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Mistletoe therapy for stomach cancer?

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My husband (aged 34) was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcenoma of the stomach in May. He is currently in the middle of round 5 of 6 chemo cycles. When the chemo comes to a close we are going to try and boost his immune system by all means possible and look to other less toxic therapies (less toxic than chemo).

I have been reading about Mistletoe therapy and from what I have read it looks like something we would like to try, has anyone tried this with stomach cancer? What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much,


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my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and since then he has had three surgery's. can you tell me more about your case?

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My husband has lots of little tumours on his stomach wall, and secondaries to the lung and the bone. We were told that surgery isn't an option for us as his tumours are a whole lot of little ones rather than a bigger mass. He is currently on a regime of ECF chemotherapy and is responding well to it so far.

I found this website about mistletoe therapy (I had read about in a CAM book from our local Cancer society library too)


It sounds quite positive, but I can't find any info relating to stomach cancer.

I asked one of our Oncologist about it and he advised not to do it while Rhys is undergoing chemo as mistletoe is toxic and would put too much pressure on Rhys's heart and liver. So we are thinking of whether to try it after chemo, but in the meantime I want to research more into it.

We were given a pretty poor prognosis as Rhys's cancer has spread via the blood and lymphatic systems, but we have decided to throw that out the window and all the survivor stories that we read really boost us and help us stay on our path. He is already much better than he was in the beginning as because of the weight of the tumours his tummy wouldn't pulse and he couldn't eat for well over a month, and now he can so that's huge for us.

This is turning into quite a long post so I'll stop now! I hope your father is doing well?


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I am in Brisbane Australia and I heard on the radio here today that research coming out of South Australia has shown mistletoe to be more effective than chemotherapy for treatment of stomach cancer. I guess that it might depend on the extent of the cancer?

I hope that you and others can find the reference to this. Best wishes

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