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Looking for insight

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV head & neck squamous cell, mets to live and bone back in January '08. A devasting blow since we had just married in July '07. Doctor told us without treatment, he culd expect to survive only 3-6 months but with treatment, he could extend the time to 18 months or more. We opted for treatment (no brainer). Since then he's been in chemo (surgery is not an option)and has been given Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Erbitux, 5fU, Taxol, Taxiteire and others to help withside effects. We have weathered the nightmare thusfar. But, believe me, it's not been easy. I've watched him suffer through many side effects and pain no normal person should have. Yet, we are still smiling - not so much because we think we are beating the cancer - but because if you have to "live with cancer," the key word is "live." It's now been over eight months. I'm seeing a lot of abdominal swelling which isn't going away with medication. No jaundice or anything like that yet. Has anyone been here before? Am I seeing signs of liver failure? I'd like some input. We return to doctor next week (another round of 5FU)and we will discus then but the more information one has, the better. Thanks to anyone in advance who responds. I really appreciate the counsel and best of everything to all who post here!

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Hi Lucy,
I have no personal experience with this, but you could search "ascites" and maybe get some possible answers. I am also the wife of a Stage IV oral cancer survivor. My husband's was on his tongue, and also involved some lymph nodes. He had surgery to remove about 1/3 of his tongue and a neck dissection to remove lymph nodes, followed by chemo and radiation. That was 3 years ago, and he was just diagnosed with a recurrence yesterday. This time Stage II on the inside of his cheek. So we are gearing up to go through everything again. If you ever want to talk, please feel free. I know how hard this is for our guys AND for us!
I wish you the best,

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