Have Early Stage Uterine Cancer, Don't Want Hysterectomy

I am 38 and was recently diagnosed with early stage IA uterine cancer. My husband and I still want children, so my doctor said I can try a new method for 6 months by taking progesterone. I am also using natural healing and would like to hear about others doing the same. I also have a blog of my protocol and lifestyle here: http://evolutionofmyleen.blogspot.com/


  • valerielynn
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    uterine cancer
    i am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis of uterine cancer, the fact that u want more childeren is encouraging. has the dr considered not doing a radical hysterectomy ? leaving enough for you to still have children and have you had an mri? i have uterine cancer sweetie but i am 55 and have had all my children.my heart goes out to you and i pray that you and your husband make the right decision.
    valerie lynn