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cough and hoarseness after RAI

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I had a total thyroidectomy 14 years ago. In June, I had a thyrogen scan that showed a recurrence. I went into the hospital last Wed. (8/13) for radioactive iodine treatment. On Thursday I noticed that I had developed a cough and by Friday night (after I was discharged) I became very hoarse. It is slowly getting better since it will be a week tomorrow since the hoarseness started. I was wondering if anyone else had this side effect and how long to expect it to last. My doctor claims it is unrelated to the treatment. I am hoping it is a temporary thing since I'm a teacher and the new school year starts next week!

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i lost my sense of taste for a few months after my RAI treatment. i did have a cough after too, my throat would get a sharp pain every once in a while that would make it hard to talk. it only happend a few times but i don't have a problem not.

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