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X-ray results

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I just got the report from my latest x-ray, taken as a re-check. As for as lung cancer goes, nothing new showed up. That's the great news! However, the radiologist said that the COPD has progressed somewhat. I'm an active exerciser and the pulmonologist essentially threw me out of her office for being too healthy two years ago. I'm still going to the gym an hour a day and keeping up with most of the class. I still bounce up the stairs (all 4 flights) to the surgeon's office, though I huff and puff some when it is on the 8th floor. So what should I do? Wait till I'm in a wheelchair to treat COPD? is there anything I should be doing now before I'm unable to exercise? And no, I don't smoke and have never been around smokers, in case that is your first treatment suggestion.

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Cabbott, you are one tough cookie, kiddo!

I wish that I could help with this. But I really can't.

I can tell you that my father in law died in May from COPD-related complications, but you don't want to hear that (and shouldn't be alarmed...he was in his 70s, was way overweight, quit using his oxygen, stubborn guy that he was, and had allergies and sinus issues).

From all I read from you, none of those are problems. I WOULD consider looking into sinus problems, or maybe an allergy lurking. Cabbott, there MUST be a reason for the progression, and that is what I am getting at.

Knowing you, if they can tell you WHY it is progressing, you will figure out what to do to overcome it.

Are they overlooking the trees for the forest? Is it possible you have pneumonia? Is it possible you have an infection? I suspect the answer is No on both counts, but have to throw them out there -- it was a misdiagnosis re an infection that led them to think I was dying of cancer last June (forest for the trees) and following my lobectomy and the staph infection, they found pneumonia in me and thought it, at first, to be more cancer. So I bring it up.

Maybe a sinus issue?

Wish I could help, Cabbott...you are a brightly shining star and need to care for yourself.

My thoughts are with you, and I am hopeful that you can get this figured out.

Take care, my friend.


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I finally get to help a bit. COPD can't be stopped. You are doing the right things. Watch the diet, eat healthy, exercise, you got it. So the test shows it got a bit more advanced. Do you feel that way? I guess from your writings this to be a NO. Don't let what the doctor said get to you. In cancer, can you feel the difference between stage 1A and 1B. No! Cabbott you keep going to the Gym and exercising, you are doing good and Congratulations on the X-Ray results my friend. I only hope mine are the same next month.

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Thanks for your replies to both of you. I see the oncologist next week and I will ask him if there is anything else I can do for now. Going to the gym is my fun time (even though I hate sweating!), so rest assured I will be going as long as I can still drive. Let's hope that is for years to come!

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Hi Cabbott.
They told me I had COPD befor I had my surgery. So just keep on movin . I don't know how long it takes to make ya sit down but so far it hasn't stoped me even with one lung.
They told my sister she had COPD an she let it scare her , your mind can play as you know some nasty tricks on you.
She was doing fine had what she thought was a cold , she went to the DOCS an he told her she had COPD an down she went.
It only took her a week. I wish she would have never went to the DOCS.
She Smoked but she quit over twenty years ago ,an she was never a sitter she ran every morning an kept her self fit.
This is what I think ,not that it maters but forget they told you .
Prayers to you Cabbott

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With cancer, I have large tumors in my lungs that block some air passages and has partially collapsed a lung. I too am still going strong and loving life. My Doctor said you compensate for the obstructions. This sounds like what you have done too. The activity must help.

It is really strange when a Doctor says you are so sick, yet you feel so fine. It feeds the denial of the situation, or the Doctor's really don't know what they are talking about. Sometimes ya got'a wonder.

Yah on the re-check! That is great news.

- Jag

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I went to pulmonary rehab and most of the people in the class had COPD. In fact, out of the twelve people in my group, I was the only one who had cancer. The way it was explained is that although you cannot cure COPD you can lessen the effects and improve your breathing by doing upper body exercises which strengthen the muscles that help you breathe. I went to Helen Hayes Hospital in Rocklaned County NY. If you are not near there, I am sure if you called them they would be happy to either direct you to a facility near you or at least point you in the right direction. Good luck.

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Are you talking about things like push ups or yoga moves? I LOVE going to the gym to do exercises. I'm better in a class where the trainer makes me do stuff, but I try to hit the circuit machines on my own at least once a week too. To help me keep in shape lung-wise, I think I could make myself do exercises on my own. Which upper body exercises would be best for me to stress to help breathing? I seem to be very early in the game for someone with COPD and the pulmonologist at Hopkins didn't want to take someone who can still visit the gym daily. Still, I don't want to get to be their patient any time soon. So if you can suggest what kind of exercises I should do, maybe it would help. I also wonder if I should get tested for genetic causes of COPD, as I don't smoke and never was around the stuff. Did your classmates ever talk about genetic testing?

C. Abbott

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In pulmonary rehab we did 1 hour of aerobics, cycling, walking, etc; and then a variety of arm exercises with weights. All the exercises were designed to strengthen the muscles which help us to breathe. There were ten different motions which made up a set. We did each motion ten times and then each set 6 times for a total of 600 reps. We had to do them in 15 minutes. I can try to describe each exercise but I think if you contact Helen Hayes Hospital they would send you the exercise packet which they give to all their pulmonary patients. The address is Route 9W, Haverstraw, NY 10993. Telephone: 845-786-4000 and their website is www.helenhayeshospital.org. I hope this info is helpful and useful. I know that my COPD is unchanged since before my lung removal and I credit that to these exercises which I still do three times a week at home.

Good Luck, Lindy

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