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Need Help/Advice regarding CEA/CT Scan/RFA

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Well, my dad's cea went from 35 in December 2007 to 1400 by the end of June 2008. It is now down to 700. He had a CT Scan done in December 2007 and followup scans in February 2008 and August 2008. No significant change noted. Some tumors in the liver have grown slightly. He has been on extribux with a pump (Extribux on Mondays and pump all week). Now, doctor wants him to see a person about doing RFA on some of the tumors. All we know is that there are multiple tumors in the liver (do not know exact number) and that there are tumors in the lungs (do not know exact #). I do not think a doctor will perform RFA on just a few if he cannot zap all of them. Am I correct? Anyone have a different experience? Also, I told my mom to ask the doctor about sir spheres and the oncologist had never heard of it. I find this worrisome. Should I? Finally, the doctor wants to switch treatments. I am not sure about this. My dad's spike to 1400 occurred when he was off treatment for 3 weeks because he was on vacation. Since returning to treatment (4 treatments) his cea went from 1400 to 700 - should he switch treatments? Doctor thinks that by doing both RFA on some of the tumors and switching treatments he can shrink the remaining tumors. Thoughts??

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No, you shouldn't worry that the doctor never heard of Sir Spheres. It's been my experience that if this is the case the doctor WILL do research on this in the next weeks and know all about it in a couple of months.

HOW is he going to "switch treatments".
Is he thinking of a completely different chemo treatment?!
Most likely he has a treatment in mind that is related to the chemo that your father HAS been recieving. (in which case the doctor would be able to predict how your father would react to it).

In any case:
There is no significant changes on the Ct scan *IS* progress!!

... and you never know about the RFA
(I don't think his doctor would be sending you to see the other doctor if there was no chance)

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I am not sure where your father is receiving treatment, but have you given any thought to a second opinion? If the Oncologist wants to switch treatment, question why and which treatment.

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I agree with Nudgie. You might consider a second opinion, perhaps from a major cancer center. And whether RFA is an option or not, couldn't hurt to see another doctor and hear what they have to say....

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