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Looking for sucess stories

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I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in February. I've been inspired by some of the success stories of survivors of metastatic cancer who have beat incredible odds and are alive for many years. I was wondering if anyone that fits this category or knows someone who has could share these stories with me. It really gives me hope.

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I was first diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer in 1980. Two of my three tumors were in the lymph nodes on the inside of my spine and had to be surgically removed. I will turn 57 next week!

Love and Courage!


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Hello tamib.
I had metastatic breast cancer on the right side in 1986 and same song, same verse, but different cancer on left side in 1988.
I had 2 radical mastectomies less than 2 years apart, 2 10-month courses of chemo, 25 rads treatments, and 7 years of tamoxifen.
In 1996 I was diagnosed with bone cancer in right rib cage (suspected to be a re-occur of original breast cancer). I was treated for 5 years with an oral medication called Megase. (You don't wanna know about that stuff.)
Anyway, I lost my hubby to cancer in the process...I got the cancer and he got lost.
BUT I turned 60 this summer, am in a good place having a good time with a minimum of long term side effects (some of which may have come upon me with age anyway), and lovin life.
This is what can happen and what I wish I could decree for every survivor here.

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Hello Tamib...please post on the breast cancer board as well...I think there are a few ladies there you would find very interesting. Cindy

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Hello Tamib, I have had breast cancer 3 times; the second time it had mastastasied to my chest wall. I was considered a stage four and had nearly a year of chemo and rads. This was in 1999. I did have a new dx in 2007 on the other breast which i had removed, did 4 rounds of chemo and am doing fine now. My mom also survived several attacks of breast cancer and lived an additional 27 years after her first dx. There is hope out there and the docs are coming up with new and better treatments all of the time. Many hugs to you. You should check out the breast cancer board if you haven't yet, there are many success stories there and a lot of wonderful women who have walked or are currently walking in similar shoes. My best to you!


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I did not have breast cancer but am 20 years a survivor of non hodgkins lymphoma. Went through a bone marrow transplant in it all as well. There are many survivors who are 30 years in survivor and more, going way back to cobalt treatments so have faith because cancer CAN BE CURED. There are many long term survivors who can attest to that. Keep positve, keep busy and enjoy your new life. God Bless.

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