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How soon chemo after surgery?

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Hi, I don't post often, but read the discussions a few times a week and often scroll through the archives.

I am three weeks post surgery today (colon resection for stage 3 rectal cancer along with a complete hysterectomy. My surgeon had indicated that it would probably be about 2 months after surgery that I would start 12 rounds of folfox, but my onc. is ready to start next Monday (4 weeks post-surgery).

They are both great doctors and I know they are planning on talking before all of this starts, but I was wondering what the average time was between surgery and chemo for people on this list.


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My mom had surgery last november and started chemo in december.

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Hi Amy,
I was st3 colon ca into 6 lymph nodes. I chose to have chemo and having done so I decided not to wait, so I started three weeks after surgery. It knocked me around pretty badly but it helped me greatly mentally to have started the battle against ca. I believe that WAITING is the worst mental state for survivors. Nearly 11 years later I have no regrets on the decision. Good luck whatever you decide It is your body and you know it best,Cheers ,Ron.

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Cancer discovered the end of September - colon resection. Discovered tumor in my lung - lower half of my left lung removed in early November. Started chemo (folfox) in mid-December.


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mine was 4 weeks after surgery.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I had surgery 4/16, 10 days in the hospital stage 3b (3 positive nodes) chemo started 5/20. But, I had my hysterectomy in 2004 and that threw me for a loop too, so you have a bit more body parts missing that need to recover. Need to get those cancer cells before they get stronger. Kick them early. Unfortunately you'll be whipped either way, I think start the chemo and get it over with as soon as possible. but your doctors and your body know best. Praying for ya, good luck hang tough.

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Hi Amy! I started about one month after sugery

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I was Stage IV - I started Xeloda + oxaliplatin 6 weeks after surgery with Avastin one week later. My oncologist wanted me to be healed - especially for the Avastin.

Good luck,

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Hi Amy,
My husband had stage 3 rectal cancer with 2 lymph nodes positive. He had surgery and started folfox chemo about 3 1/2 weeks later.

Good luck with whatever you and your doctors decide is best for you.


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Mine was 6 weeks after surgery. My Onc wanted to make sure I was strong enough to handle it.

Good luck

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I was scheduled for chemo 4 weeks after surgery - stage IIIA - but I got a virust and had to delay another 3 weeks. I am currenly over 1 year ned. I think it depends on how quickly you heal. 8 weeks before 12 rounds of folfox sounds about right. You don't want to start folfox before you feel physically strong.


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Hi there! My surgeon let me take a full 12 weeks to recover from chemoradiation, and i'm soooo glad she did. I was still sick, so i knew the treatments were still working, and sure enough, the tumor was completely dead when they took it out. I think it should depend on how YOU feel. If you feel ready, go for it.

Good luck!

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Fopr my stage 4 with liver met it was 4 weeks after colon surgery before chemo started. At week 6 they started avastin

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Hi Amy,
You sound just like me. I was also stage III rectal cancer and had a complete hysterectomy along with my resection. My oncologist wanted to start my chemo three weeks after surgery, but I wasn't ready so I started it after 4 weeks. I did eight rounds and I am glad I gave myself that extra week to heal. Best of luck and a speedy recovery.


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Hi Amy, I understand the average to be six weeks, but many start chemo as soon as four. I did start that fast after one of my surgeries. I really think it is more about wound healing and compromised imune systems fighting infections.
best of luck getting a program going and let us know how your tollerating the folfox. Many of us can help you with suggestions regarding any side effect

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I had stage3b with 3 nodes and had colon resection with permanent colostomy and removal of rectum and all but they waited 8 weeks to start my chemo but I had to be resucitated twice during surgery and spent 4 days on a ventilator after my surgery so thats why they waited so long for my chemo to start. Are they going to do radiation? I had my radiation and chemo before surgery then just chemo now.

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Wow. Thanks so much for the quick and helpful responses! I feel much better about the decision to get this started (or really to get to the end of it faster).
I feel great and ready to go, I guess I'm just worried about the healing inside being done.
Yes, Deb, I did have chemo and radiation for 6 weeks before the surgery. Just chemo this time!

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your experiences!

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My husband started chemo @ 7 weeks after surgery. He wanted to heal~and be able to celebrate his birthday~so we pushed it back a couple weeks. I was more anxious and could not start fast enough! He was diagnosed 11/30 and had surgery on 12/6~so we were pretty quick there w/getting it out asap.

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Hi, hubby's was about 8 weeks after surgey. Good luck. Think positive!
God Bless

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