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I anybody experiencing a dry cough and horseness due to chemo? (dryed-out mucas membranes)
My father's irritated throat has been getting worse now that the dose of xeloda has been increased. The oncologist has no comments what-so-ever. The family doctor so far recomended throat logenzes (which are not working that great) ... so we are now trying cough syrup.

What works for you?

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My husband too had a dry cough and horseness, especially the few days after a treatment. Get some Chloraseptic (I think I murdered the spelling). Even Walgreens makes their own brand-it is a numbing spray. Just open your mouth and spray toward your throat. This gives relief-especially for getting sleep through the night.

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Honey. And warm (not hot) fluids, with flavor. Honey/lemon cough drops(mmmmm).

Hugs, Kathi

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I recently got an E-mail about chronic coughs and using Vicks Vaporub. Rub it on the bottoms of your feet and put socks on. It's suppose to make the cough go away in 5 minutes, last for hours and help you sleep. It's worth a try. I haven't tried it yet since I haven't had a cough, but I will when I do.

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