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decided to put in a stint.

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Hi all, recently I had a dye study on my colon and it showed the area where there is tumor is almost 99% blocked.
I am having a stint put in tomorrow. If the pain I am having is from the poo trying to get through (dr. thinks this is the case) then i mshould have a significant reduction in my pain level immediatly. It the pain is from tumor in my gut pushing on my bladder and colon wall, then the pain will go up and I will then have it removed and go to a bag.
Although this is a pain in the colon (haha he is sooo funny) at least we are doing something.
wish me luck.
PS: I bought a new book in hopes I will be sitting and celebrating success.

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Mark, it's good to hear from you and that you are continuing to beat back the beast. If it comes to it, the bag is not so bad. True, it would be nice not to have but it soon becomes second nature to take care of and may be much more comfortable for you. What hospital are you going to? Good luck and we will be praying for success.


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I wiil Be at Fairview University

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Mark, sending a special prayer that all will go well tomorrow for you and the pain will subside immediately and you will have "HAPPY READING!" . Keep us posted.
Good luck

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Mark, I'm hoping that the stint will work,but worse scenario the bag is not the end of the world,and you know that,wishing you the best.

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Good luck tomorrow. I hope the stint does the job of reducing your pain. I have positive thoughts that you will be enjoying your new book and celebrating being pain free. Let us know how it goes....


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Hi Mark,

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and pray that this will be your answer to being pain free.



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I do hope it helps. I'll be praying for you for a successful procedure.

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Best of luck to you. I'm sending good vibes your way.


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I sure hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I will be praying for you..Sending you a big hug, Audrey.

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Thinking of you; wishing you all the best and admiring your strength and courage.

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Good luck, Mark. I hope it works out very well for you.


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Hi Mark,
Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow that the procedure works and your pain is gone.

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Even though I have never met your Mark, your posts always brought a twinkle or tear to my eye.

I agree, it is amazing how focus you get on family and relationships when something horrible happens in your life. I know I became more focused on my spouse and my son.

My husband and I get away twice a year to our honeymoon location (Pocono Mts) and it is great. Just us two and it is time well spent.

I will say a prayer.................. AMEN

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I think the stint is a great idea, and I hope it gives you the comfort you deserve. I think about you and your current battle often and am convinced if anyone can whip this, it's you!

I look forward to hearing your success story and the book review, too.



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Mark, Don's small intestine was blocked from his tumor and having it removed has made tons of difference. His was an endocrine carsinoma, but blocked poo is blocked poo, if you know what I mean. You are both full of it. I wish you all the best with your surgery.
Jo Ann

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Mark...You have offered me so much encouragement with my husband on this site. I hate to hear you are in such pain, but I am glad there is a plan to get you back on your feet. We are all pulling for a successful procedure tomorrow!!

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Oh, wonderful! I'm so glad you're opting for the stint! I wish they had offered that to me when i was so blocked, i was puking. Nothing in the world can possibly be more miserable than a colon blockage. As much as i hate my ileostomy...

I think this will greatly improve your quality of life, and give you the ability to concentrate on kicking the sh*t out of your cancer.

Have you tried flora essence yet? It's a tea that is supposed to shrink tumors. It was created by a nurse back in the 20's i think. It's something i swore i would try if i ever got metastasis.

Please let us know how the stint works out!
Many hugs,

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