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Those with allergies (or even asthma):

Do you find the allergies act up more when you're on chemo?

(... and exactly what is the difference between allergies and asthma?)

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I assume by allergies, you are talking about "hayfever" allergies to flowers, plants, trees, grass, etc. They tend to flare up in the spring and summer for most people. They make your nose stuffy, your eyes, water, etc. Sort of like having a cold. Asthma - is triggered by many things - it involves the bronchi - small airways in your lungs and some of the larger ones and they basically get inflammed and don't function well and make breathing difficult - asthma can be brought on by hayfever type allergies, colds, lung infections any number of things. Depending how bad the asthma is it is treated with simple antihistamines, steriods, aidvair and a broncho dialater delivered at the hospital or through a machine that can be used in the home.
Depending on severity, asthma can be live threatening.

I didn't experience any more "hayfever" than normal during chemo. I don't have asthma and my allergies are not severe.

Talk to you doctor.


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I have talked to the doctor.

He figures my father is "more allergic" because he imune system is down due to chemo.

My father had been diagnosed with asthma many years ago - but only ever had one episode (and not very severe)

I was just wondering what people are experiencing who do have asthma (or even just dust allergies ... )

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I normally take medicine daily for hay fever, except when I am on chemo. I find that i don't need the medicine for the sinus issues related to allergies while on chemo because my chemo burns out my mucus linings, leaving no room for inflammation due to allergies. In fact, i don't go back on my daily allergy meds until about a month after my chemo ends.

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My father also has the drying out of the mucus membrane - although with him it translates to a dry cough and a very runny nose.
The doctor told him to take medication daily for the allergies - something he never did when he hadn't been on chemo.

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